19th Century Headstone Found in Sound Beach Now Missing

Blogger takes to Patch to enlist public's help to catch a possible thief.

Sound Beach Civic President Bea Ruberto wrote a blog post on Patch this week asking the public's help in finding a 19th century headstone that was stolen from the bottom of a bluff in Sound Beach.

Last November, a worker stumbled upon an old headstone that dated back to the late 1800s and at the time the Sound Beach Civic Association and Rocky Point Historical Society were looking for help in identifying who it originally belonged to.

"The picture is somewhat unclear, so here are what we’ve been able to figure out," Ruberto wrote describing the headstone in her blog post. "The names are Johann and Friederich Grune and they appear to be two children who died in the late 1800s."

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Since it was discovered the heavy stone was kept near the place where it was found, but recently, according to Ruberto, the ancient grave marker was taken.

"The stone was not in area where someone could just stumble on it," she wrote. "It was covered by a large slab of cement and therefore not easily visible. Also, there are only two ways to access the area, neither of which is easy. First, they could have gone down the stairs which are maintained by the homeowner."

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the headstone should call the civic association at (631) 744-6952 or annonymously tell the police. (You may also email editor Rich Arleo at rich.arleo@patch.com with a tip.)

Click here to read the entire blog post by Sound Beach Civic President Bea Ruberto.


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