Blog Roundup: Patch Blogs You May Have Missed

Check out the highlights from around the Patch blogs.

Among recent Patch blog topics: health, language, wildlife, and a senseless tragedy. Catch up on the recent blog highlights from Patch.

A buildup of toxins may be making you feel bad, and a metabolic detoxification program can help, but beware of "fasts" or quick fixes.

Was That Blah Blah I Just Heard?
Understanding someone who speaks poorly in any language can be a challenge—particularly if you can only hear their voice. Real-time video and chat options may help to break the comprehension barriers to  conversation temporarily, but what if those options aren’t available?

What is she doing here?
Blogger Carole Trottere delivers a lovely report from a north shore beach. You won't want to miss these photos.

Making sense out of a senseless act
The tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., is still fresh in our minds. This blog post examines the process of sensitively moving past such a tragedy.


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