Historical Pic Shows North Country and Zophar Mills Roads Intersection

We asked you to guess where this photo was taken in Wading River.

On Tuesday, we showed you this historical picture taken around 1850 in Wading River of two dirt roads intersecting and asked you to guess where they were in town.

John T. Chiarella guessed North Country Road and Sound Road.

"The 'Duck Pond' is over to the right with the river on the left leading to the large pond (that I always knew as 'Matthew's Pond')," wrote Christopher Beattie in the comments.

According to the Wading River Historical Society, the picture shows dirt roads that eventually became North Country and Zophar Mills Roads.

Do you have a modern day photo of this area? Upload it here so others can see the evolution of Wading River.

Come back Monday for another historical photo of a place that has been in the news recently because of an unprecedented online fundraising campaign to save this local spot that's important to science history. (Can you guess what it is?)

This image is from the collection of the Wading River Historical Society and is used with permission.

For more historical photos head over to the Port Jefferson Village Center and check out the new exhibit "Mirrors of the Past: Shoreham and Wading River in Historic Photographs."

There will be more than 120 enlarged photos are display and the show is sponsored by the village of Port Jefferson, village of Shoreham, Wading River Historical Society and the Port Jefferson Village Center Conservancy. Show runs through Feb. 28.

Free admission. Call (631) 802-2165 for additional information.


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