More Bluff Work Coming to Sound Beach

Bluff restoration to be followed by creation of a sump to help curb long-term erosion near Shore Drive.

The end of Amagansett Drive in Sound Beach. Credit: Joseph Pinciaro
The end of Amagansett Drive in Sound Beach. Credit: Joseph Pinciaro
After augmenting bluffs in Sound Beach near Shore Drive in recent months, the town highway department has gone back out to bid to further restore the bluff before it hopes to create a long-term solution to keep it from eroding.

Deputy Highway Superintendent Tony Gallino attended last week's Sound Beach Civic Association meeting, telling the crowd that the goal is to ultimately create a sump that would gather stormwater rather then letting it flow to the Sound.

He cited heavy rains over the past few months that have led to erosion of the bluff.

 "Until we can build a sump we're going to build – and then dismantle everything on that bluff" and restore it to its natural state, he said.

According to the Village Beacon Record, over 2,000 cubic yards of sand was used to restore the bluff, near the end of Amagansett Drive, in May, costing just over $325,000.

Councilwoman Jane Bonner added that the town is in talks with a property owner in possession of an easement the town needs to purchase in order to make the sump a possibility.

Click here to read the Village Beacon Record article.
Frank Esposito August 22, 2013 at 06:01 PM
Watch out if these town council people like Jane Bonner and others looking to gain or hold office or favors take credit for this work, or concept. A lawsuit filed by CFE/Save the Sound and other environmental organizations, the New York State Supreme Court ruled that the New York Department of Environmental Conservation must do more to clean up stormwater runoff across the state. New rules and funding are coming online to comply and get these things done whether the town wants to or not. The end game down the line will be NO storm waters enters the sound period. Eminent domain will be exercised if necessary. Pumping these waters back up to 25A is going to be very interesting.
Mike Tunkel August 26, 2013 at 07:31 AM
What about bluff work in Rocky Point??


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