Nearby: Brookhaven's North Shore Nutrition Program Gets $140,000 Surprise Donation

Herbert E. Haussmann left nearly $140,000 in his will to help the nutrition program purchase 88 chairs for it's senior members.

The Rose Caracappa Senior Center in Mount Sinai received an unexpected gift from a local resident that will help it's Brookhaven's North Shore Nutrition Program purchase must needed chairs for it's center.

According to Newsday, Herbert E. Haussmann, an 83-year-old Mount Sinai resident who recently passed away, left almost $140,000 in his will to The Rose Caracappa Senior Center to help them purchase nearly 90 chairs for the nutrition program they host in their center.

Diana Weir, Brookhaven commissioner of Housing and Human Services spoke to Newsday about Haussmann, even though she never met him herself. "He used to go there [the nutrition center], and he loved it," said Weir. "He had a social life, and he was very well cared for" at the center."

The nutrition program was designed for seniors who don't have families. This program allows them to come together and find enjoyment by socializing with one another, playing games, and eating refreshments.  

Although there is very little known about Haussmann or why he decided to donate so much money to the center, Councilwoman Jane Bonner told the Newsday she couldn't be more proud.

"It was a very generous gift to leave in his will," said Bonner. "It takes a special person to think of others in that way. That gift will impact the lives of many."
Ebush December 05, 2013 at 06:08 PM
Did I read this right??? $140,000 will buy 88 chairs? Something's missing.
Robin Senholzi December 08, 2013 at 12:25 PM
I agree. You can pick up folding chairs for $10 a chair in Home depot. What are they made of Gold?


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