Feb. 28: One Year Ago Today

A look back at what happened on what was the last day of February in 2011.

Feb. 28 won't be the last day of February in 2012 with Leap Year in full effect, but it was in 2011.

On this day one year ago, the top news story on Patch was about that caused accidents, property damage and traffic delays on 25A.

A utility pole in the parking lot of the Miller Place Plaza off Route 25a in Miller Place was downed in the morning. Suffolk Police confirmed that a garbage truck driving in the parking lot caught the wires, which snapped the pole. The pole fell on to the top of , causing damage to the roof and realtor's sign.

Downed wires on 25A caused some cars to lose control, and one driver was sent to as a precautionary measure. The road was cleared in 20 minutes.

Damage to the building and Bel Breeze was repaired within days, and a glance at the building today reveals no blatant reminders of the damage caused one year ago today.

Were you a witness or do you recall the events that happened that day? Have an interesting story to share about the incident? Tell us in the comments below.


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