PHOTOS: Shaolin Kung Fu Studios Hels Raise Funds for Love146

Local studio raises money for charity that works to prevent human trafficking.

Over the course of the 2012 year, Shaolin Kung fu Studios in Rocky Point ran a series of different fundraising classes and events; taking part in the Warrior Dash and raising $6,000 all together for the Love 146 Charity.

The studio ran Medical Qigong classes, which is traditional Chinese Meditation, that were donation only. The team of advanced Kickboxing students competed in the Warrior Dash race, a 5k obstacle course through mud and fire, and collected donations from sponsors.

Love 146 works to prevent the crimes of human sexual trafficking, rescue children who have been kidnapped into the trafficking world, and rehabilitate children to help them re-assimilate back into society.

"As a Martial Artist, I feel a compelling urge to make all efforts to help these children,” said Ed Turney, owner of Shaolin Kung Fu. “As Martial Artists, we strive to empower our students with a sense of confidence and safety. Each day I work with children ages six and up. The idea that children this young are being sold as property with no one to help protect or empower them is beyond tragic.

Next year, the studio plans to have even more fundraising events. The first is  a psychic medium night with psychic medium Robert Hansen, scheduled for March 16.

"The courageous heroes at Love 146 need as much help as we can give them," Turney said. "I'm humbled to work with men and women of such dauntlessness."


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