Readers React: Questions Remain in Mt. Sinai Mosque Issue

What readers have to say about a possible mosque on Mt. Sinai-Coram Road.

The recently proposed mosque on Mt. Sinai-Coram Road in Mt. Sinai has brought up many questions within the community.

Monday's planning board meeting was packed with residents voicing concerns about traffic, safety and other issues that would result. Another discussion will take place at the next planning board meeting on Feb 11.

Readers have taken to Patch and our Facebook pages to voice differing view points on the matter. Here is what some had to say:

Peter C. Walsh

"I can sympathize with the concern for the loss of quiet use and enjoyment. When you buy a home with a view of a barn you expect an occasional moo or baa, not fifty cars full of families pulling into a large parking lot. The fact that it is a Mosque clouds the issue. If it were a Catholic Church the surrounding homeonwers will still lose the quiet use and enjoyment of their respective properties."


"Where do you suggest houses of worship be situated if not in residential areas where people live in the suburbs? Religious institutions serve communities best when they are accessible. In the suburbs it is arguably more important to allow houses of worship where people live. The only reasons this site should be rejected is if it will have a significant negative impact on traffic and the safety of residents and worshippers."

Mt. Sinai dad

"This is very sad. There should not be any places of worship in residential areas of Mt. Sinai. I also live right on this road and the amount of traffic this will generate is only going to make the current traffic and safety issues worse."

Michael Mangino

"Concerns? Please! if it was a Christian Church it would be open arms"

Christine Zichittella-Heeren

"I REALLY hope the community is going to support freedom of religion."

John McKeon

"This country is about freedom of religion. You have a right to disagree/agree that us your right too."

Have something to say on the matter? Add your comment below.

Mels Ditties January 11, 2013 at 03:47 PM
Ooooohhhhhhh. soooooooooo politically incorrect...But yet true!
Clay G January 11, 2013 at 04:03 PM
Yeah and don't forget about raping little boys, killing doctors and bombing clinics. Oh wait that's "the Christians."
HERE FOR THE SAME REASON January 11, 2013 at 11:08 PM
I wouldn't have a problem with it as long as before I got a home appraisal and after I got a home appraisal and all the people who love the idea wrote me a check. I expect houses of worship to follow the same laws of occupancy, health, traffic, zone laws etc. As every other business in the area. If all of you love it so much, volunteer to put it next to your house. Or better yet, put it next to the catholic church or any other house of worship of your choosing. I bought my home for the reason it was 1.5 acres, secluded, quiet and no neighbors on top of me. If you tell me this dosent effect property value next door to you, your a liar.
HERE FOR THE SAME REASON January 12, 2013 at 03:48 AM
And to christine, who really wants the community to support freedom of religion. I support all that does not encroach on any of my individual freedoms. I hope the community really supports our individual freedoms. That's why they call it a "variance" to put in place what current zoning laws do not allow. I appose you with any type or sort of place that adds 50 cars plus as my next door neighbor and negatively affects my property value. I fight this as I would fight anything in its place other than a residence. Such is my freedom.
Mr. Spock January 13, 2013 at 07:17 PM
The people that would be supporting this would not be supporting freedom of religion, they would be supporting freedom of commercialization in a residential community. If someone purchased a single family home in a community that was zoned residential with plans to turn the property into a restaurant, the community would react the same exact way. It's a shame that blinded emotion comes to the surface on this issue simply because of brainwashed beliefs that people have an issue with Muslims. I can guarantee you that people that live in this area do not have such a simple mind. It stems from pure ignorance.


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