Security Cameras Possibly Coming to Children's Park

Councilwoman Jane Bonner said Monday night that repeated vandalism at the Sound Beach park could draw security cameras to the park.

Children's Park in Sound Beach. Credit: Joseph Pinciaro
Children's Park in Sound Beach. Credit: Joseph Pinciaro
Councilwoman Jane Bonner said that after a reported arson at Children's Park in Sound Beach last week, security cameras could be coming to the park that one resident at Monday night's Sound Beach Civic Association meeting called "the worst park in all of Brookhaven."

Bonner called the park a "tremendous source of pride," recalling that shortly after she entered office, work on improving the park was one of her first projects. With town parks employees coming back nearly on a weekly basis, she said, it's not the park itself that's a problem – it's the vandals marking the property with graffiti and destroying what's there.

"It's very, very frustrating," she said. "Some parents tell me there's nothing to do in town with their kids. There is – but people keep destroying it."

As a result, she said, an incident one night late last week led the county arson squad to the park to investigate foul play. Another local recalled another recent incident where it appeared that some teens had exploded something inside a microwave at the park, popping its doors open, as she walked nearby with her granddaughter.

Bonner said in an interview on Tuesday that she's since been in touch with county leaders and is working toward installing cameras near the park, as well as increasing patrols in the area.

Details still need to be ironed out, Bonner said, as she's hoping some cost sharing would be possible as the cameras may ultimately save county police resources. 

Do you think cameras are necessary at Children's Park?
Irene Dixon August 16, 2013 at 11:44 AM
Cameras are a good security measure if you want to catch criminals with a record. These vandals are kids without records (so far). So who has the job of sitting behind the camera and doing the identifying??? So please before you make that decision and spend the money ask the community to do the policing or to help with it. If you raise the bar on punishment for the vandals and the community does the policing with their own cameras that will go much further in catching or scaring them away. Keep in mind you also have the park on Broadway and Rt 25A by CVS in Rocky Pt. that has the same problem with graffitty and vandalism.
Marie August 18, 2013 at 02:46 PM
I think suggesting to put security camera's in the children's park is a just a way to pacify a group of people who have no idea that we currently have a group of Park Police that are already being paid by our tax dollars. Why wasn't that explained to the constituents? Besides Irene you make a very good point, do it for one park, then you have to do it for all. How many parks do we have in the Town of Brookhaven, quite a few. We also have quite a few Park Police on board being paid by our tax dollars too. Time to start enforcement by people, not a nanny camera.


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