Whiz Kid: Eagle Scout Tends to Historic Home

Nick Gabriele's Eagle project involved beautifying the William Miller House on North Country Road.

Nick with fellow Boy Scouts and leaders at the William Miller House. Courtesy photo.
Nick with fellow Boy Scouts and leaders at the William Miller House. Courtesy photo.

Name: Nicholas Gabriele - 18

School: Miller Place High School, Class of 2013

Accomplishments: Nick Gabriele attained the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest honor that a Boy Scout can achieve.  A member of Troop 204, Nick's Eagle project involved beautification of the grounds of the historic William Miller House on North Country Road in Miller Place.  He planted two Eastern red trees and two arrow wood viburnum shrubs surrounded by a mulch bed.  In addition, he weeded and fertilized the grass on either side of the new brick pathway, as well as cutting and mulching additional beds around two existing trees.  He continues to go to the William Miller House multiple times each week to water the plantings.

In addition to the plantings, Nick had to raise funds for his project and purchase the materials.  He is grateful for the assistance he received from fellow Boy Scouts for the plantings, as well as the guidance he received from scout leaders, his parents, the Miller Place - Mount Sinai Historical Society, Brad Donato of Echo Landscaping, Cornell Cooperative Extension and his friend A.J. McKeown.

Nick will be heading to Quinnipiac University in the fall.  He will be enrolled in a 3+1 business program where he will earn his Master's degree in his 4th year.  He is considering a career as an attorney.
Robin Senholzi August 11, 2013 at 12:17 PM
If you have an eagle scout looking for a project, here's one suggestion - try beautifying and updating the dog park in Middle Island. It needs benches throughout the park ; activities ( jumps, tunnels, slides, etc) for the dogs to do; a shelter so people can get out of the sun; water stations for dogs and people (they make them so they can fill the bowl below and empty immediately so the dogs are not drinking dirty water) throughout the park ; grass areas ; pool trench for beach day; more stations with dog bags for cleanup and garbage cans; walking track for people around the outside for those who walk with their dogs - would love to see this happen since so many of us consider our dogs the most special thing in our lives
antoinette August 11, 2013 at 09:48 PM
I would like to congratulate Nick and Troop 204 for a fine accomplishment at the historic William Miller House in Miller Place. Brad Donato of Echolandscaping is a former Eagle Scout of Troop 204 in Miller Place and was pleased to participate in this project for Nick. BRAVO to all the society members and the participants who supported this project!
Marian Larson August 12, 2013 at 05:29 PM
Robin, that's a great suggestion for a Boy Scout Eagle project or for a Girl Scout Gold Award project. The best people to contact with your suggestions would be the Boy Scouts of Suffolk County and the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County. They can pass your suggestions to the Girl Scout service unit coordinator/Boy Scout troop master in the Middle Island area. Congratulations to Nick on a job well done! He's a great young man from a great family. :)


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