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Would Steiner's Woods Acquisition Help Sound Beach Drainage Issues?

Possible acquisition to be discussed at upcoming Sound Beach Civic meeting.

Erosion and drainage issues have been a problem for years on the bluffs in Sound Beach, but recent extreme weather has made those issues much worse and put homes and even lives in serious danger.

Recently, the Sound Beach Property Owners Association aired its grievances with Patch, saying they are losing members every year because of limited beach access.

The Town of Brookhaven set a public hearing for April 23 to discuss the acquisition of Steiner's Woods, a natural drainage area, through eminent domain.

Would acquisition of the property have a positive effect on the issues by the bluffs in Sound Beach, or make little difference? Are you for or against the town acquiring the property. Tell us in the comments section below.

Justin Time April 02, 2013 at 11:14 AM
Depends on some issues Would it increase our already over burdened tax bill, or be subject to a State bond under Eminent Domain? That process has to be state-approved, and can take years of "red tape". If it increases our tax burden, than what can be cut? Also, no drainaige system will guarantee erosion from occurring, it is just a "bandaid" to "fix" what is a normal process. Stiener Woods needs to become a preserve and left alone. Unfortunately, the more man tries to change natural occurences, the worse the situation becomes.
Bob Bedrossian April 02, 2013 at 03:04 PM
It would cost millions of dollars to stop the WATER from pouring on to Steiners Woods. Steiners woods has been one of the access points for the Sound Beach water to run off. It has been the natural run off before it was Steiner Woods. It would be cheaper for the town to acquire it and work to remediate the water on the property with sumps than to try and build catch basins and acquisition of other properties to stop the WATER. The Sound Beach Property Owners gave the town of Brookhaven access to drain the town Water from the streets to the sea on their property. As part of the agreement the Town of Brookhaven was to maintain their access point and insure it wasn't going to be a hazard. As you can see from the photo the pipes are broken. This situation has threatened the adjacent homes as well as destroying the SBPOA staircase to the beach. Several promises have been made as well as monies have been put aside for the repair but nothing has happened. SBPOA members have become angry and no longer are paying their dues because of broken promises and no access. The situation only gets worse as local home owners hire contractors to shore up their foundations from the uncontrolled drainage. As the drainage pipe continues to break and erode it will collapse the entire bluff taking down houses and the street. It has been over five years of broken promises from Brookhaven Town. This is too long and a financial disaster for SBPOA. Lets see some action and not more talk.
Brian Calo April 03, 2013 at 03:35 AM
The aquisition of Steiner's Woods would be great for the Sound Beach Community. It would help with storm water drainage as it is an acces point for storm water runoff off of Lower Rocky Point road. Additionally it would preserve land and the areas resources from unecessary development. I'm not sure that this aquisition would alleviate the erosion issues that are currently present. Although this relates to storm water drainage, this property has nothing to do with the storm water drainage issue currently faced at the end of Sound Beach blvd and the collapsed storm water drainage pipe on Shore Road between Amagansett and Brookhaven Drive.
Mimi Hodges April 04, 2013 at 01:06 PM
The Sound Beach Community is reeling from storms and a lack of proper infrastructure maintenance by the town. Steiner’s Woods currently provides storm runoff for neighboring homes, and creates a healthier ecosystem for an already fragile area. It is absolutely necessary to preserve this section of land so that there is no further deterioration of our iconic beachfront, which would be caused by the intrusion of additional over-building and the mandatory sewage system associated with it. The detritus of development left on our beaches by years of storms has marred the beauty of this region enough. In my humble opinion, we don’t need more.


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