Make Your Community a Safer Place to Live

Come to the next meeting of the Sound Beach Civic Association and learn how to start a neighborhood watch.

In August Legislator Sarah Anker and police from the 7th precinct will attend the meeting of the Sound Beach Civic Association and discuss the neighborhood watch program.

A statistically proven effective crime prevention program, a neighborhood watch is just an organized group of citizens devoted to crime and vandalism protection. An active neighborhood watch brings safer streets and homes, community spirit, camaraderie with neighbors, and stronger relationships with law enforcement.

Criminals rely on people not witnessing or not reporting suspicious activity. The idea of a neighborhood watch is to educate private citizens on how to recognize and report suspicious activity while promoting better community relations. It is not a vigilante group and should not assume the role of the police by taking the law in their own hands.

Once it’s set up, only two things are required—TO OBSERVE AND REPORT

I'd like to encourage anyone interested in making their neighborhood a safer place to live to come to the meeting, August 13, 7:30PM, at the Sound Beach Firehouse, second floor.

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Captain Howard Hawrey August 05, 2012 at 11:12 PM
Though I do understand the need for a Neighbor hood watch I do have some concerns. Growing up here for most of my life we never needed a "Neighborhood Watch" because we had "Neighbors that Watched". If you were out line after the neighbor got to you your father was waiting for you at your doorstep. And your father would complain to the neighbor that he didn't punish you enough. The good old days when there was respect of adults. How do you keep the over enthusiastic "Neighborhood Watch" members from over stepping their authority? There have been plenty of cases of volunteer firemen setting fires just to "save the day". Though I like the idea and see it's need I've got legitimate concerns. Still my concerns don't outway doing nothing! Our local towns are out of control.
Bea Ruberto August 06, 2012 at 07:14 PM
Captain Howard, I agree with you--it would be a great if we didn't need to thing about sucg things as a neighborhood watch program. From having read your blogs I know you've lived in the area for a long time, but even I, a newbie to an area that I now consider home and that I love (I've only lived here since 1977), remember the day that I used to not worry about keeping my door locked at all times. Regrettably that has changed. And I thing the way to ensure that neighborhood watch members don't overstep is by working closely with the police and realize that their function is to observe and report. One of our members is involved in this program. Not too long ago a house was broken into and the thieves were caught in a few days primarily because the community paid attention to what was going on and reported what they saw.
Captain Howard Hawrey August 06, 2012 at 10:59 PM
Thank you sir for a great response. I was born in Jamaica Hospital (1960) my father and grandfather were LIRR conductors. My father moved us me out to Copiague as an infant trying to get away from the crime of NY city. Many do not remember how bad it was then. They moved us to Shoreham in the early 70's (not long before you) to get us away from the racial violence between Copiague and Amityville (again to get us away from the crime and violence). Do not forgive me for this because it is the truth: But the bad "city" element has been continually been moving east for years. Neighbors have forgotten how to be neighbors. Civil people have forgotten how to be civil to one another. What a shame? What a mess our beloved communities have become. I am a MP resident have had my cars broken into just to steal all the change in the ashtray. I never thought I would have to worry about such a thing. I applaud residents like you trying to do the right thing. Just be careful doing it. It is a dangerous world out there. I used to "bounce" at many of the "old time" local bars when fist fights were the norm, never any weapons involved. I wouldn't even think of the idea of doing such a job today. What went wrong that we lost our decency toward one another? Never give up the fight for what is right!
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