10 Businesses That Opened in 2011

A look at 10 businesses that opened their doors this year.

  • Spiros: Spiro Karachopan, longtime owner of Sea Basin Restaurant in Rocky Point, opened up a new joint on 25A called Spiros. The menu features various steaks, seafood, chicken and more to go along with an extensive list of martinis.
  • : The arrival of the chain, which is located directly accross from , caused some chatter in the community, along with the arrival of...
  • : Located in the same Kohl's shopping center, just down the road from . The two chains both opened over the Summer
  • : The opened up just in time for the holiday season. The space opened up when moved east to its new location on 25A in Rocky Point.
  • : One year after initiating the procedure to open a restaurant in the former Fatty Beltbuckles space,the new restaurant finally opened in late November.
  • : Opening in early 2011, the bagel store in downtown ocky Point recently closed down.
  • : The martial arts studio moved from Wading River to a new location in Rocky Point.
  • : A new, unique art gallery opened in Rocky Point near the end of the year.
  • : New owners took over the former Body Shop to create a new fitness experience in Miller Place.
  • : Opening over the summer, the arrived in Rocky Point.
BillLongisland December 29, 2011 at 05:28 PM
Anthony Josephs had no liquor license, served spaghetti with an entree' that was the consistency of a heavy wet mop...never experienced it that bad before ! And somehow canned music is actually better than entertainment where an old white guy trying to do a spot on Louis Armstrong imitation on "What A Wonderful World". ACE Hardware in Rocky Point was as disappointing a shopping experience, as was a previous Costello owned ACE franchise store in Stony Brook...the smart ACE uniforms and the microphones can't make up for a lack of general hardware expertise in their largely young staff. Rocky Point Hardware will have no problem up against this nightmare. Shop Local...really Local !
BillLongisland January 01, 2012 at 09:15 AM
If you are a local "civic organization" like ABCO...Affiliated Brookhaven Civic Organization Inc....it looks like you don't want our local economy to grow by a proven, successful company like Wal Mart. You have to ask yourself WHY do some national companies get better treatment than others in the Town ? Maybe it's about the "campaign money" $$$$$$$ ?
BillLongisland January 01, 2012 at 09:19 AM
What is so "civic" about keeping jobs OUT of Brookhaven, and not wanting to improve the Town tax base in these hard economic times ? "Walmart Is BACK AGAIN...Civics join with Chambers of Commerce to Stop Project Approval by Town Written by President Tuesday, 27 December 2011 ABCO is pleased to join and urge other local civics and grassroot organizations in assisting the coordinated work with the Bellport Chamber of Commerce to Stop a Walmart in East Patchogue The Bellport Chamber of Commerce is taking a more active role in fighting Walmart in East Patchogue. Please help us. See the flyer below - we are fundraising so we can: 1) do a mailing to the area residents 2) print signage 3) advertise in local newspapers to get the word out 4) Hire a wildlife and ecosystem engineer to establish what species will be bulldozed if this goes thru 5)Hire a Rare plant specialist to establish what rare plant species will be affected At a minimum, we are requesting that our Planning Board request from Walmart a supplemental Environmental Study be performed as the current EIS accepted as complete is grossly lacking in how this proposed Walmart will affect the Ecology, Traffic and Climate Change of the area. Monday January 9th 2012 is the FINAL public hearing with our Brookhaven Town Planning Board." http://abcoonline.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=902&Itemid=1


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