Amphitheater, Other Public Benefits Negotiated With Mt. Sinai Village Center

Public Benefits package discussed at latest Mt. Sinai Civic Association meeting.

After many discussions, changes and developments a Public Benefits Package has, for the most part, been negotiated to go along with the Mt. Sinai Village Center Project.

After an original proposal in 2005, the Village Center project was finally, and along with this comes a Public Benefits package which will include $300,000 towards Heritage Park, which will be used to construct an amphitheater, and more donated to the Nature Center at Cedar Beach.

Mt. Sinai Civic Association President Ann Becker spoke at Monday's meeting about the develop of the benefits package, which originally included the construction of another "community center building." Becker explained that she spoke with Town Supervisor Mark Lesko's office to dissuade the building of another center.

"I was able to rather forcefully make my point known that it was rather foolish…that you’re going to use upwards of $300,000 to build a building when you have no plan of who is going to run it, staff it or who is going to pay for oil and electricity," she said.

The community center building was removed, while a farmer's market was retained along with amphitheater and Cedar Beach donations.

"The supervisor's office I think finally understood...overall the concept is very nice…but as you can see it’s hard to get volunteers," Becker said as she motioned toward the vacant chairs beside her.

Becker also said that Developer Paul Elliot of Soundview Realty confirmed there are no tenants set for the Village Center at present time. While the , Becker believes the benefits package will bring positives.

“There’s a good amount of positives that’s going to come from this development," she said. "Even though some have been opposed to it and remain very opposed to it, the town approved it...and the town ultimately did negotiate the public benefit."

Construction of the ampitheatre would begin in concert with development of the Village Center. Click here to watch the entire Mt. Sinai Civic meeting on civicmeetings.com.

BillLongisland February 09, 2012 at 12:20 PM
"Paying off" the public with it's own Tax money ? These Guys know no Bounds in being Condescending and not liking Tax Payers much ! But Elliot knows how to "grease the palms" and make it palatable, at least to those who are part of The Deal !
BillLongisland February 09, 2012 at 12:27 PM
Does the Public know how big this thing is going to be ? From the "DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT, MT. SINAI VILLAGE CENTRE, Change of Zone Application, Traffic Impact Study 12-13-2010" "The updated site plan prepared by Hawkins Webb Jaeger, dated February 22, 2011, indicates that there will be a total of 1,067 parking stalls provided on the subject property, including 133 land-banked spaces. To estimate the parking to be generated by the proposed development, the industry standard Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Parking Generation 4th Edition was used. For this report the land uses of Shopping Center (820), Office Building (701), High-Turnover (Sit Down) Restaurant (932), Drive-in Bank (912) and Pharmacy/Drugstore with Drive-Through Window (881) were selected to determine the potential number of parked vehicles to be generated by the subject property." http://www.brookhaven.org/Portals/0/Documents/Planning/Mount%20Sinai%20Village%20Center/12%20Main%20Text-Volume%20II.pdf (page25,
nmfd72 August 08, 2012 at 04:27 PM
It's now August 2012 and no construction in sight?? when is this project expected to break ground?? I heard a new ShopRite store is going to be the major anchor??


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