Commuting to Miller Place from Connecticut – Every Day

A small but important percentage of Port Jefferson/Bridgeport ferry riders prefer to travel by ferry to their jobs, every day.

The Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Ferry has been a unique and reliable way to travel for years, and for many commuters from the area who work in Connecticut, or vice-versa, it's the best way to get to and from work.

Local commuters who rely on the ferry were recently profiled in a report on CTPost.com, sharing their stories and their reasons on why the ferry is their preferred method of travel.

Bob Patrovic, of Miller Place, works in Stratford, Conn. and is one of the evidently tight-knit commuters who can be seen on the ferry each morning and evening.

According to Fred Hall, vice president and general manager of the Bridgeport & Port Jefferson Steamboat Co., commuters are a small but vital percentage of the roughly 800,000 passengers who ride the ferry each year.

According to the report, the ferry company has plans to relocate the Bridgeport terminal to a proposed massive docking complex which would have on-site parking for walk-on ferry passengers and would be closer to I-95, cutting about six or more minutes in travel time and decreasing fuel consumption for commuters. 

Click here to read the entire article on CTPost.com.

Do you use the ferry to commute to or from the North Shore every day? 

Customhouse Broker January 25, 2013 at 01:05 AM
I commute to work on the ferry. Compared to the LIRR, the ferry is a great way to travel to work - it has a better on time schedule and it's not as claustrophobic as your typical rush hour train. Regarding the relocation of the Bridgeport terminal. It's horrible for my fellow commuters that rely on both the ferry and Metro North to get to work. As it is, when the ferry docks in Bridgeport, they barely have time to make their trains in the morning -- many mornings, I've watched them run frantically to the station in order to make their trains. Moving the ferry terminal to the other side of the canal would make it a totally impossible situation for them. It's all very well and nice that moving the terminal will save the occasional car driver six minutes and a few traffic lights, but for a person who's income depends on catching the train in Bridgeport (either Metro North or Amtrak), it is a devastating change.
Mommy Roe January 27, 2013 at 05:41 AM
My husband is a full time commuter on the ferry and as many commuters do, he has a vehicle parked in the garage just across the street from the ferry dock. Customhouse Broker is absolutely correct in saying that moving the dock will be horrible for many of the commuters. With nothing at all in the area on the eastern side of the canal, where will these walk on commuters park their vehicles? It will also not be convenient for those that walk on the ferry to either travel by train or to attend an event at the harboryard fields and arena. How will they get to the other side of the canal without walking through a rather unsavory area of Bridgeport? It seems rather ridiculous to spend a huge amount of money to move an entire docking area just a few hundred feet away just to save a five minute ride to I-95. How much will the fares go up to pay for this endeavor?


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