Did You Join a Local Gym This Year?

January is flying by, we'd like to know if you kept your New Year's resolution to stay healthy and in shape.

Some of the more popular New Year's resolutions involve getting or staying in shape. With January almost over, we're checking to see if you made a resolution to stay healthy and are sticking to it.

There are a number of gyms that have dominated the local fitness landscape such as Planet Fitness, Powerhouse Gym, Personal Fitness Club and Evolusion Fitness to go along with some smaller gyms.

We'd like to know, did you join a local gym this year? What factored in to your decision? Let us know in the comments.

Thomas Lynch January 18, 2013 at 04:11 AM
Actually beat the rush and switched from World Gym in Setauket after 7 years to Powerhouse MP. 9 miles each way versus 1.8. Less expensive all in WITH my 2 boys also enrolled. Major remodel beginning soon and I could not be happier and am going more often because of proximaty. Classes i coudl never got to all the way in Setauket are very well instructed at all levels! Also its on the way home from Miller Place HS etc etc so kids can bike or walk in nice weather or pop in after dropping them off!!! I have shifted some fat to muscle, and am down 5 pounds since mid december ~ 1 month. (don't everybody rush over and join I don't want it getting too crowded <smile> ) http://www.powerhousemp.com/


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