Eastern Energy Systems Wants to Solarize the North Fork

Mattituck renewable energy company offering month-long incentives.

With rebates from the Long Island Power Authority changing within a month, Eastern Energy Systems in Mattituck want to encourage those who are thinking of going solar to commit to it within the month.

“Solarize the North Fork” is an incentive program through Feb. 27 that the alternative energy company is offering geared to help individuals and the community save energy and money.

Neighborhoods and communities across states like Oregon are banding together to create buying power and install solar electric systems on their homes. Christina Fidler, spokesperson for Eastern Energy Systems, said she’d like the same thing to happen on Long Island.

The program includes zero-percent down financing for those who qualify and two seminars, one on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Eastern Energy Systems office in Mattituck and another on Feb. 16 at 11 a.m.

“It’s a concept that has been happening all over the world — communities getting together to make themselves more green and save money,” Fidler said.

If you contact Eastern Energy Systems within the month, you could save 40 percent on your solar purchase and receive a $1,200 valued energy audit on your home for free.

“Our audits have a lot to do with home safety,” said Fidler. “But solar is great and that is what we are trying to push here — bringing the community together and pulling our assets.”

For more information go to www.e2sys.com


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