Lots and Lots of Toys Using Experience Entering Second Holiday Season

With a year under its belt, the Miller Place toy store still focusing on the little things.

One year ago, Nancy and Gary Poserina set out to create a small toy store that gave those who entered a certain feeling and experience that the big box stores just don't offer.

Now, Lots and Lots of Toys in Miller Place is entering its second holiday season and looking to use its experience to make this one even better. The two met the challenge of opening a store right before the holidays last year, and are now benefiting from having more time to prepare for the holiday rush.

"We learned a lot more about the industry," said Nancy Poserina. "Listening to the customers we’ve learned what to order and to differentiate a little more for the age groups."

For a toy store, doing business is a different animal this time of year, and adjustments in what they have available for purchase have to be made, even moreso than just increasing stock.

"We buy more toys that are more like a holiday gift than an everyday buy," Poserina said. "For instance, we have the option to buy individual ponies to sell for like two dollars each, or during this time to buy a box set, which makes a nice gift."

Modeling Lots and Lots of Toys after Curious Kids toy store in St. James where Gary used to go when he was younger, the two continue to focus on the little things that separate them from the big box stores. Not only are the lines small, but they will also take special orders, and have a self-wrapping station that has become popular as well.

"Plus, you won’t lose your kids in here," Poserina joked.

The store is looking forward to an expected rush next week as Christmas draws closer.

"[Last year] wasn’t extraordinary but it was good, we had a pretty good reception for the first month," she said. "[This year] we’ve definitely established a small base, which is helping."

Poserina also spoke with us about some of the hottest toy items of the season; a list that will be available Thursday on Miller Place-Rocky Point Patch.


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