No More Smoothies: Cuzzin's Closes

Cuzzin's Smoothie Cafe closes Miller Place location.

The weather may have been unseasonably warm so far this Winter, but it doesn't look like that helped Cuzzin's Smoothie Cafe in Miller Place.

The smoothie shop, which also served panini's, wraps and other food items, closed down Sunday. The store is cleared and the lights are out at the recently defunct location.

Cuzzin's in Mt. Sinai, inside of Inline 1 Sports Center on the Westbound side of 25A, remains open along with the .

BillLongisland January 19, 2012 at 07:40 PM
WOW that was fast !
Captain Howard Hawrey January 22, 2012 at 12:34 AM
Not a big surprise knowing the strip mall it was in has been dismal since the supermarkert there left town. Wouldn't suprise me if the liquor store. the pet store, and Rite Aid were next.
Jeannine January 24, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Sadly the captain is correct...it will be no surprise to see Dee Jo's pet store, Sonny's card store and even MP Pastaria close their doors. As the owner of Cuzzin's Smoothie Cafe, I have to say that we not only survived 3 yrs in business but did maintain a great customer base. Unfortunately the problem with that particular shopping center is the landlord. In this economy he sees our businesses struggling to pay his exorbitant rent, but feels that Marshalls is our Savior and we should be glad to be in that shopping center. Unfortunately Marshalls is not paying our bills and with a little research found most landlords in the area are seeking half of the price for rent. Being a Miller Place resident it will be very upsetting to find that shopping center empty one day. Thank goodness for Applebee's...they will always hold their own. As for Cuzzins...we are located inside Inline 1 skatepark in Mt. Sinai. We have the same chef and same menu. We also deliver so call us 828-2858
BillLongisland January 25, 2012 at 08:23 AM
Applebees is fast becoming a great place to "score" drugs in the area. And this is only a very recent example.. http://news.suffolkbreakingnews.com/tweets/108517858782347264
BillLongisland January 25, 2012 at 08:38 AM
Dee Joe's is holding it's own, thankfully, with Extremely competitive prices...meaning :"lower prices" and more Friendly Customer Service that the local "big box" stores can offer...but I guess people like cheap looking uniforms, Bad Service and High Prices than even the internet ! Because Express Scripts "discontinued" it's business with Walgreens, nationally, the new one being built across Rt 25A is off to a Bad Start ! Ride Aid and Stop N Shop "comfortably" share this particular part of the business right now ! Good Riddance To an unnecesssary Eye Sore and that Sucky "red light camera" ! By the way, Thanks Jane Bonner for making Life difficult for your Voters ! If the owner of this mall hadn't redesigned, shortened, and made smaller the parking spaces...apparently for teeny tiny Japanese-y type cars...immediately in front of these businesses, one wouldn't have to park over at the side of Applebees, and made it inconvenient for customers to patronize these businesses ! A couple of those SUV's in this location, makes the parking Very Sucky ! How about a Cheer for "shooting your own self in the Foot" ?


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