Site Plan for Miller Place Walgreens Gets Approval

Construction for Walgreens on 25A in Miller Place slated to begin in Spring.

A just west of on the eastbound side of 25A got the go ahead by the Brookhaven Planning Board Monday evening.

The development plans, submitted by Breslin Realty, includes the 14,820 square foot Walgreens with a drive-thru, a 9,300 square foot retail building and 3,500 square foot proposed bank.

"Now that site plan approval has been granted we'd like to start construction sometime in early to late to spring, it depends on building permits," said Robert Rosenberg, Director of Property Management at Breslin Realty.

While one spot is allocated for a possible bank, nothing is set in stone and there are no plans for the retail building just yet.

"We have not begun looking for potential tenants for that," Rosenberg said. "The bank is a possibility but so is any other type of retail.

Over the Summer, at the site to assist in entering and exiting 25A from the Walgreens entrance on the eastbound side and the Friendly's Shopping Center on the westbound side.

BillLongisland December 23, 2011 at 04:05 PM
As to the "Murphy Family"...it sounds like you all in the "civit association" are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome..identity with your Captors...meaning The Town of Brookhaven Board and The Political Elites that you all schmooze with ! What's so "civic" about your association, if you continually support the paving over of District 2 ? There are so many "rateables" in the Town just over the past six months alone, we should be getting a property tax break ? You see, Tax Payers don't get a share of the "campaign contributions" that get passed between The Political Elites...all it means for Tax Payers is Higher Property Taxes !
DM/MP December 24, 2011 at 04:06 PM
It's actually Ratables Bill. Have you considered action other than keyboarding?
BillLongisland December 25, 2011 at 10:43 AM
You have yet to show us here, "how" your "rateables" in Brookhaven lower property tax rates, and have affected the Town of Brookhaven capital budget, in a discernable way, actually lowering Government spending and maintaining the Town's solvency. Silence on your part, and your organization's tacit support of a "scorched earth" policy that has turned Brookhaven into a large parking lot, is proof of the speciousness "rateables" theory ! DMMP, attacking and not answering these questions, and not sharing information you should be privy to, shows you know what your job is...maintain the Status Quo of the continued looting of Brookhaven !
BillLongisland December 25, 2011 at 11:13 AM
Tax Payers, this is what organizations like MPCA think about Your Precious Vote. They don't consider it or Free Speech They fear any change that your Vote will affect them and their Politician Friends, who they support and genuflect to every chance they get. Open your meetings DMMP to the public via streaming video, and join the Republic !
BillLongisland January 19, 2012 at 07:32 PM
6. DOYLE REALTY @ MILLER PLACE - Log# 11SP0033 SEQRA Advertised/Posted/Notice to surrounding property owners within 500’ radius AREA: 5.308 Acres ZONE: J-2 Bus. Approved LOCATION: S/S NYS 25A W/O Miller Place Rd. PROPOSAL: Construction of a 14,820 sf Walgreens with drive-thru, a 9,300 sf Building & 3,500 sf Bank MILLER PLACE SCHOOL DISTRICT ///// COUNCIL DISTRICT #2 APPLICANT: Doyle Realty TAX MAP#: 0200 11900 0100 003001 Reviewer: Ray http://www.brookhaven.org/DesktopModules/Bring2mind/DMX/Download.aspx?Command=Core_Download&EntryId=4496&PortalId=0&TabId=134 Well it's official for the new Walgreens. But, unfortunately, for Walgreens, nationwide, it lost Express Scripts as a client, so this means that this Walgreens in Miller Place, will have a "bad start", competition-wise with the Very Nearby Rite Aid and Stop N Shop ! You see both of these two competitors comfortably share this Express Scripts business...but the new Walgreens, won't have Any Of It ! Oh well, like they say the Only One who makes out on these retail businesses, is the person who owns the property !


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