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Walgreens Opening Delayed

Residents in the Miller Place-Rocky Point area will have to wait a little longer to shop at the newly constructed Walgreens on Rt 347.

A manager at the store said some delays by the town regarding signs is the hold up,which he hopes to have resolved in the next week, but couldn't give a firm opening date.

The 14,820 square foot Walgreens, which includes a drive-thru, was originally slated to open in July. 

Coupons that were sent to residents to celebrate the grand opening will still be honored according to employees at the store. The store is not designated as a 24-hour location, though according to store management that could change if the sales warrant it.
Robert Julius Condemi September 18, 2013 at 11:53 AM
Who cares. This should never have been built to begin with. Last thing we needed in that spot is ANOTHER DRUG store!!! It's not like there isn't at least 1/2-dz to choose from within walking distance from that spot already. I do not care if that place ever opens. MHO. ~ RJC
Anton September 23, 2013 at 11:06 PM
That Walgreens will be paying a decent amount of taxes into our school district. Whatever they pay is less I have to pay, so I welcome them. Let the free market decide which pharmacy will survive. I personally think making it a 24-hr pharmacy would set it apart from the others which are all closed by 10:00...guess we'll see what happens.


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