Craft Corner: Easter Crafts to Keep the Kids Busy

5 easy craft ideas for Easter.

There are a number of crafts ideas to get you and your kids into the Easter spirit. Below are five craft ideas that are simple and easy enough for kids as young as 3 to do — with some assistance from parents.

Missing materials? Drop by Studio E in Miller Place. Michelle Posner, a frequent blogger on Miller Place-Rocky Point Patch, should be able to point you in the right direction. Michael's on Route 25A has plenty of supplies as well.

Blown Easter Egg:

To make an Easter egg that can be saved for years to come, you will need a raw egg (a few extra for mistakes), a small nail, a hammer, bowl (for the egg yolk), egg die, markers, and left-over craft supplies, such as pom-poms and googly eyes.

Start by using the nail and hammer to poke two small holes in either end of the egg. Use extreme care as the egg can crack. Once the holes are made, choose one end to blow. Blow the inside of the egg out into a bowl and discard. Once the egg is empty, wash it and then hand it over to the kids to decorate with egg die, markers and any other craft supplies lying around the house. You will be amazed at what the kids create.

Grass Rabbit:

For this craft, you will need a styrofoam cup, paper, grass seed, dirt, pom-poms and googly eyes.

Start by letting your kids decorate the styrofoam cup as a bunny, with paper cut-out ears, pompom nose and googly eyes. Then fill the cup with dirt and plant the seeds. In a few days time, you will have a grass rabbit.

Styrofoam Egg

This is another craft that you will be able to save for years to come. You will need a styrofoam eggs, quilting pins, sequence and ribbon.

To make the styrofoam egg, use quilting pins to affix sequins to the egg. You can also use pieces of cut ribbon to run around the egg, still using the pins to affix it. The finished product can be hung anywhere in your house for a vibrant Easter decoration.

Toilet Paper Bunny

For this craft, you will need an empty toilet paper roll, googly eyes, pom-poms pink and white paper, as well as scrapbook paper, glue stick and scissors.

To make the bunny, start by cutting a piece of scrapbook paper so it can wrap around the toilet paper roll. Glue it on. Then, cut out ears for the bunny with the pink and white paper. Affix to the top of the toilet paper roll with glue. Then add googly eyes and a pompom nose.

Cotton Ball Easter Basket

For this craft you will need an empty cardboard orange juice container, tacky glue, pom-poms, Easter grass, cotton balls and scissors.

Start by laying the orange juice container on its side and cut down the edge of the seams on both the long sides of the container. Then, cut a V-shape for ears on one of the shorter sides. When you pop it up, it will resemble bunny ears. Once cut, give kids the glue to start covering the container with cotton balls. They can then clue on a pom-pom nose and googly eyes. Add easter grass on the inside for a finishing touch.

Do you have an Easter craft idea? Share a photo or post instructions in the comment section below.

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