Patch Blog Helps Recover Missing Sound Beach Headstone

Headstone taken from Sound Beach bluffs returned after Patch blog by Sound Beach Civic President Bea Ruberto.

The odd story of the 19th century headstone found in Sound Beach after Hurricane Sandy took another turn when the stone, once missing, was once again returned to the civic.

Believed to be unearthed after Sandy, the stone was found in late November on the Sound Beach bluffs. After the Sound Beach Civic and local historical societies were able to get a look at it and do some research on the curious 19th century stone, it then went missing.

After the stone was lost, civic president Bea Ruberto took to Patch in hopes of recovering the stone. In a happy twist, Ruberto said the man who took the stone returned it after reading her blog. 

"A man who was working on one of the bulkheads saw it and took it because he was concerned it would be washed away," Ruberto said. "He then read my blog on the Patch and contacted me."

The man, Walter Mruz, also left a note in a comment on the site. He wrote in a comment on March 24, "I actually found this headstone also about 6 weeks ago on the beach in Sound Beach and have it in my posession. Would like to turn it over to someone in the Sound Beach Historical society and hopefully have it placed back where it belongs or close to it for the rememberance of these people.

"It is weathered, as it is made out of limestone. I did not want to leave it on the beach to be buried again and lost for a longer time, as the beach has built up another 4 feet or so since."

The stone has yet to actually be returned because they are looking for a safe place to store it. Right now, tentative plans are to turn the stone over to the Sound Beach Property Owners Association for safe keeping.

Rose April 16, 2013 at 12:12 PM
Can someone please enlighten us as to what happened to the ICONIC ROCKY POINT DRIVE-IN NEON SIGN? We feel our neighborhood has been robbed of something we considered a HISTORIC LANDMARK and should have been protected for posterity. Even my children too young to have been there are insulted by the cheap replacement placed in its stead. Daily we pass the empty space several times a day and wonder...vandalism?...greed?..(a sign of this size might have been worth a pretty penny to someone). The value of this sign to community members who grew up here and in surrounding areas is priceless in terms of memories and historical value. Please help us understand where it went. Why it went without so much as a sound or sound bite. This whole thing is quite distressing. I donot beleive it "fell" during these past storms, but was taken down with intent and removed shortly after.Help unravel this mystery,show accountability, and perhaps help to return it to its rightful place in our community.


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