Remembering Irene: Coverage from Miller Place-Rocky Point

A retrospect of coverage from the big storm.

It was the biggest storm of the year, and it hit Long Island hard near the end of August. The Miller Place-Rocky Point area was no exception to Irene's effects. Read through the timeline of coverage from the storm below.

Supermarkets and hardware stores in the area were flooded with people looking to stock up before the storm.

Supervisor Mark Lesko announced mandatory evacuations in Brookhaven in heed of the storm.

We went down to Cedar Beach as mandatory evacuations began.

A gallery of user submitted photos of the storm's effects.

Look through the lens as the storm began to die down.

Footage of Tropical Storm Irene from Sunday afternoon and Monday morning as cleanup began.

A collecton of Irene videos uploaded to YouTube by community members.

Watch this video of Brookhaven Supervisor Mark Lesko and Councilwoman Jane Bonner assessing downed trees that remained days after Irene hit.


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