Week in Review: Mt. Sinai Budget Fails, All Other Local Districts Pass

A look back at the top headlines from the week that was.

A budget of $55,364,115 for the Mt. Sinai School District has been rejected by voters Tuesday by a vote of 1263-1147. 

The budget, which pierces the tax levy cap with a 4.76 percent increase, fell short of a 60 percent supermajority with 52.4 percent yes votes.

Residents came out to the polls Tuesday and passed a $64,954,995 Miller Place School District budget for the 2012-13 school year by a vote of 1,220 to 538.

The budget passed with 69.4 percent of the vote. With the budget coming in at the cap of 2.96 percent for the district, it needed to pass by just the majority.

A 2012-'13 budget of $71,574,012 for the Rocky Point School District was passed Tuesday by a vote of 1,434-876, or 62 percent.

The budget pierced the tax levy cap of 1.84 percent for the district and included a tax levy of 3.2 percent. Because of this, the budget could only pass by at least 60 percent supermajority. Last year's budget also passed by a 67 percent supermajority, before a cap was in place.

A handful of teens were indicted this week after being , including two in Miller Place which reportedly occurred in mid-April.

Suffolk County Police announced on May 3 that they had arrested four individuals after pulling them over on Black Locust Avenue in Setauket. An indictment unsealed this week added a fifth teen - the twin brother of one defendant.

In January, Patch announced that  to replace the old Taco Bell in the .

Construction has been ongoing, and on Wednesday, Moe's told Patch on Twitter (@Moes_HQ) that they are hoping to open in the early summer.


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