Week in Review: Storm Aftermath Upsets Residents

The top headlines from the week that was.

What Roads Are Not Plowed in Miller Place-Rocky Point?

On Sunday and Monday many roads remained unplowed in the area and residents discussed and shared which roads still needed work.

UPDATE: Shoreham House Fire Under Investigation

A large fire on Cordwood Path in Shoreham brought 10 departments to the scene Friday, with the first departments called around 10:30 a.m. Arson responded to the scene and investigated but a cause has yet to be determined.

Highway Supe Candidates Questioned on Blizzard Response

The response, or lackthereof, to the recent blizzard by the Town of Brookhaven has caused many to shift their focus toward the upcoming special election for highway superintendent.

Candidates Dan Losquadro and Kathy Walsh appeared at Wednesday's Shoreham Civic meeting at the Miller Avenue School and fielded questions mostly regarding the response to the blizzard and how it would be different if either of them held the position.

After Pope Benedict XVI delivered a resignation speech Monday citing health concerns as the reason he is stepping down, one local religious leader said this could set a precedent for the church.

Father Charles Papa, a Pastor at St. Louis De Montfort Roman Catholic Church in Sound Beach for 12 years, said he was surprised by the news.

Photos: Melting Snow Uncovers Abandoned Car In Mt. Sinai

Cars abandoned in the middle of the blizzard over the weekend when drivers sought safety or just couldn’t go on anymore through the increasing snow have been a problem for plows cleaning roadways over the past few days. Others are just turning up in unusual places. The vehicle in this photo taken on Tuesday seemed to have dropped out of the sky into a median on Route 83 in Mt. Sinai.

One theory is that the car was parked on a snow bank that slowly melted away leaving the car in this ditch. Another offered by a reader on Facebook said that perhaps it was pushed there by a snowplow or payloader clearing the roads.

Justin Time February 17, 2013 at 09:26 PM
The unprepardness of this storm is a joke. Not a funny joke, but a sick joke. What are we doing with last year's snow removal budget?
Reddawn1 February 18, 2013 at 12:41 AM
WOW.... Excellent point Justin Time. Except for a few black ice days where a salt/sand mix was used on roadways we had no other winter event prior to this past colossal snow storm. The budget for snow removal was hardly touched. This is why we had the superb cleanup of this last storm....WRONG!! Have you looked at these posts yet Mr. Romaine? The will of the people who you work for have spoken!! Justin Time to RESIGN !! PS: Mr. Romaine, salting the roadways on a very early Sunday morning 2-17-13 ( in all the many years I have lived in Brookhaven Town, the roads have NEVER and I mean NEVER, been salted on Sunday mornings) does not fool the people. You forget Mr Romaine that your constituents are FAR from stupid. This silly attempt at acting concerned is to little to late!! Resign NOW or enjoy your golf game in Jamaica mon because the next election your opponent will win by a landslide!!


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