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Aid Auto Stores Shuts Down, Leaving Vacancy [Empty in Rocky Point]

Small chain closing means another empty lot in Rocky Point.

Almost two months after Aid Auto Stores after being in business on Long Island since 1966, the Rocky Point location has gone dark.

The store ran a "Going Out of Business" sale during that time period, and now the spot is up for lease. This location joins the door as the two vacant spots in the Crossroads Plaza West where Route 25A and North Country Road meet.

The center is still left with , , , and along with the two vacant lots.

What should replace the now closed Aid Auto Stores at this location in Rocky Point? What kind of business do you think would work here, and what kind would fail? Tell us in the comments section below.

Anton September 14, 2012 at 09:44 PM
I say any business who wants to fill the spot should be permitted. If you let a select few in the local government decide what should be there it will remain vacant forever.
DG September 17, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Exactly..... and this is why the proposed Target has never happened nearby and why that site is empty. Target or a Trader Joe's would spur business in that area and Rocky Point in general. As a town we are letting others and government decide our fate.
BBM September 18, 2012 at 03:07 PM
Parking in Crossroads Plaza is inadequate for any businesses larger than a Starbucks, which would be nice. There are none between Miller Place and Manorville, and the traffic would be manageable. A Panera is terrific, but is RP enough of a destination, especially mid-week at lunchtime, to sustain such a large business? And as I look at my neighbors and myself, I wonder, do we really need another low-nutrition, high fat/high calorie destination joining Carvel, McDonald's, and Moe's? Please, can we aspire to better quality? I'd stuff the ballot box for a Trader Joe's somewhere in Rocky Point, perhaps on the east side of the Kohl's shopping center. Their high quality, reasonably-priced house brand would give Waldbaum's quite a run for their money, and they would attract business from miles around. A big box store such as a Target (as great as it is), WalMart, or even an Old Navy would make 25A impassable, day and night. I would love to have a bookstore again, but I'm afraid Amazon IS the way of the future. It was not just the Lake Grove Border's that closed; the entire chain went out of business (and I wouldn't be surprised to see B&N follow suit, as long as they sell at retail prices). I've long had a dream that RP would demand that, for every new strip mall, the builder must place in escrow the funds needed to return the land to the wild, if the mall remains empty for six months.
DG September 19, 2012 at 05:51 PM
All good comments. I do not agree with the traffic and 25a impassable issue. I really think and wish that if RP was forward thinking enough, it would push for its future and what it desires. RP needs the income, the jobs and the contemporary necessities just like other communities. You can bet that once a Target, Old Navy or other went in the general area, it would create stimulation. The roads would be adjusted and upgraded to handle and these dying strips would live again. Please look at the strip all the way from the angle across from the ball fields to the dead site of the old driving range. All dying businesses. The retail here needs anchors to draw the people in to the other businesses. You can see the Kohl's area growing and doing well. It has been stimulated. Target and these modern businesses are not being allowed by a few but are hurting the whole.
Captain Howard Hawrey September 19, 2012 at 06:48 PM
The biggest problem with any store in that shopping lot is getting in and out of it. The entrance in and out is so close to the light on 25a. Has anyone ever even had the right situation to use that "outlet" on the north side of the parking lot? Due to this unfortunate set up any smart business would look anywhere else to set up before using that shopping center.


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