Against Apartment houses, You Must Hate Minorities Then?

Well that's what a Federal Judge ruled in case against Garden City Long Island.

It would appear in this enlightened everyone is the same world - that is except for whites because they are so full of hate ya know - you can't decide what type of community housing you want in your own neighborhood.

If you don't want apartment buildings in your neighborhood because of concerns about traffic, parking, over crowding schools and taxes having to go up to cover all that stuff, etc., well it turns out - according the the federal government, you are just trying to keep non-whites out of your neighborhood.  Yep, all those legit concerns are considered racist, or according to the federal government just a cover for "racism".

The federal government must think apartment buildings are for non-whites and other assorted minority types who can't afford a real home or something like that, and frankly if I were a non-white I would find that mindset is racist in and of itself on the part of the federal government and that judge. What are they trying to say?  As a minority I can't afford a single family home?

I had fully expected Garden City to lose this case and their appeal will fall on deaf ears.  The cookie cutter was set in 1983 in Mount Laurel NJ , and repeated in Westchester county and a few other places, BUT GET THIS...  In this case, the judge in this case, also found "inference of race-based animus".  WOW! 

So, clearly this judge and the federal government he works for are stating if you don't want an apartment building in a mostly white neighborhood, the only reason you really don't want one is because you simply have "animus" for non-whites.   For those who aren't wordsmiths animus means " a strong feeling of dislike or hatred"

So there we have it folks... if you are white and living in a mostly white neigborhood the only "legit" reason you don't want an apartment house being built next to you is because you hate non-whites. 

I would like to hear your opinions on this but you likely don't care; that is, until some building contractor/developer wants to make a killing on a huge apartment complex in your area.  And if your neighborhood is mostly white and your local town (the residents) don't want one, well you are all out of luck because as we - I mean the federal government knows - you just don't want one because you have animus for non-whites and overcrowding,  schools having to ramp up to handle the extra load and all that kind of stuff is just a "cover for racism". 

Ladies and Gents, are you sure we still live in a free country?

Tomas December 08, 2013 at 02:06 PM
Stop! Take a deep breath, Frank! The team that the judge plays for will probably label you as a racist just for writing this piece! That judge could just be following orders in playing the race card without thinking about all the implications. Garden City, I believe, is mostly zoned as commercial. Although there are many single family houses, they live in a commercial zone. Included there are many estates with large houses. If one is sold to a developer, he could possibly build an apartment complex providing he abides by the zoning and building codes. So, if this is the case, you can imagine those in the surrounding area being upset. But, are they upset that an apartment building is being proposed or that the value of their property will change? Since we don't know how the argument was presented to the judge, we can only guess that his response was excessive. No pun intended, but his word is law, in Garden City.
Frank Esposito December 08, 2013 at 03:17 PM
Tomas, do you get the Wall Street Journal? You can read the details there. It was in the weekend addition. I wonder how you can judge my breathing patterns over an article I wrote, but I can tell you there is no need for a deep breath on my part. I've been writing stuff like this for nearly 30 years now. It's almost done in a continuous flow with no emotion whatsoever at this point. When I apply any "emotional" effort into a piece it is only to pull the reader in. Are you the only guy reading my stuff here? I told you you would be following me around. :-) Oh, by the way I have been called a Nazi at time so racist is light stuff and I've recently passed a background check with DHS/NSA so I don't think the feds are on to me yet. I got approved for what I wanted in under 3 weeks. I am now free to move around "unescorted". LOL
Tomas December 08, 2013 at 03:58 PM
You write, I reply. Nobody else reading this stuff. We'll never get recognized. If you can move around unescorted, it makes you an easy target. When escorted, you take out the escort first! Don't move about in straight lines! A Nazi?
Frank Esposito December 08, 2013 at 05:01 PM
Come on people help me, my only steady commenter is a nutcase. Don't leave me alone here with him!!!!! Lol. Have a merry Christmas Tomas. What kind of - if u drink- beer do u like?
Carol Anthony December 14, 2013 at 07:08 PM
Well, Garden City is not the only predominantly white community on Long Island, and livable affordable housing is generally sparse everywhere. If the zoning decision clearly shows intent to block affordable housing, however that is defined, then I would say GC has a serious cultural diversity problem. Racism has become a bit overused these days. If the assumption is that only luxury housing will benefit the community economically, then maybe someone should come up with an affordable housing plan that counters that assumption. Most decisions are based on economics not social biases. Unfortunately those decisions can affect ALL of us on the lower rungs of the socioeconomic ladder--not just minorities.


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