Preet Bharara Speaks at Delivering Alpha conference

Preet Bharara Speaks at  Delivering Alpha conference but did anyone see action?  He stated no one is too big to not go to jail.  Really? That was  back in July and the guy has been in office since 2009.

Can anyone tell me if someone in the "too big to fail" wall street/business world social strata has gone to jail? 

Oh wait, maybe Preet Bharara means jail if you murdered someone or something along those lines.  Because in his southern NY district I've yet to see someone go down for financial crimes other than a few lone wolf ponzi schemers.  The big guys are still committing crimes against the masses.

Help me out people, did you see anyone from the most recent crimes at JP Morgan Chase and/or SAC Capital get a little time in the clinker?  How about that HBSC mexican gang drug money laundering awhile back?

All I see is JP coughing up $13B. 

Did I put you to sleep yet?

Preet Bharara and a lot of government watchdogs are similar to Nassua/Suffolk County Traffic Court; where you can turn 4 points and $500 fine for insane speeding into a $300 parking ticket and hit the streets running 5 minutes later.  His Southern District pretty much does the some as it just cares about collecting penalty fees, not safety (because government is so hard up for cash) and then it's back out on the road for some crazing speeding I guess until someone is kill.

The most disappointing thing about this piece I just wrote is...  No one here at the Patch gives a rats behind.  That's because these guys have got financial rape and other finance crimes down to an art form.  You don't even know you are being molested by these freaks.  Even when your house drops by 30 - 50 % or you work for half the pay you used to, you still don't know who did it to ya.  You are hammered with petty crimes on your daily news shows and papers and worry about the world around you thinking these thugs are the things to look out for.  LOL

Maybe Preet Bharara has got some tough love coming in 2014?  Na...

Get ready for a wild financial world in 2014.  The rich will be getting richer and the poor will be getting poorer.  That sucking wind you hear will be the middle class getting sucked to either of those aforementioned categories.

I little bit of knowledge will prevent you from getting the sh*ty end of the stick.  A little bit of situational awareness on your part will force government to do the right thing.  If you are not up on their game and the game of those the first gamers are supposed to be watching, well then, shame on you because you are getting it from both ends.

Fraud, bribery, insider trading and embezzlement are a 2 trillion dollar a year global crime.  That's 2 trillion taken from honest hard working folks most of the time.

Preet Bharara like Nassau and Suffolk Traffic Courts are not really interested in preventing bad stuff from happening because when you commit a crime (or traffic infraction) they get a cut of it. It is in their best interested that you continue to drive along and "wink wink" don't do it again - else we will have to plead that super sonic speeding ticket down to a failure to properly sort your recycles - cha ching!.

If you can pay... you play.... 

Not a pretty world my friends, and not the way things should run.

Enjoy the Holidays.


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