Nearby Update: Fire Breaks Out In Port Jefferson Station Home

A fire attacks a Port Jefferson Station home Wednesday night taking with it a second floor bedroom.

Courtesy of Andrew Tetreault
Courtesy of Andrew Tetreault
A fire engulfed the second floor bedroom of a two-story home located on 17 Champlain Street in Port Jefferson Station Wednesday night. The Terryville Fire Department was called to help extinguish the flames that are believed to have been coming from a second floor bedroom with an extension to the attic. 

Between the bitter cold and the extreme flames, firefighters had to fight their way through the elements to get to the house to try to save what they could. Unfortunately, the flames took over the bedroom burning through the outside wall leaving a charred bedroom. The fire department said they did a great job of keeping the fire and damage minimal. The fire never extended past the bedroom, leaving the downstairs fully intact. 

The intensity of the flames required help from surrounding fire departments including Selden, Port Jefferson, Setauket, and Port Jefferson Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Luckily, according to witnesses on scene, as well as, the Terryville Fire Chief, there was no one in the home at the time of the fire. 

The Brookhaven Fire Marshall said this fire is still under investigation. 

Although the fire just happened last night, a local resident and neighbor Cheryl Susan has taken to Facebook to rally the troops to help the family that lost a good portion of their home. "Tonight my neighbors home caught fire...They have five children," said Susan on Facebook. 

"I need help to create some type of fundraising/ donation to this family. All the school-aged children attend Clinton Ave. Please call me at (631) 764-7013 if you can help. I will call school administrators and see what we can do at school level. Please lets pull together as a community and help this family in need with love and charity"

The landlord was unable to be reached for a comment.

If you have anything you would like to do to help call Susan above, or comment below. 
brookhavenconfucius January 24, 2014 at 06:36 AM
You mean there are REAL PEOPLE living in Port Jeff Station ? When you go through there it looks like THE LAST PLACE, normal people would live ! You know, it being a cauldron of illegal immigran housing, courtesy of STEVE FIORE ROSENFELD !


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