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Neighborhood Watch Forms in Mt. Sinai, Interest Shown in Other Areas

After watch forms in Mt. Sinai, other communities such as Sound Beach and Rocky Point have expressed interest in developing a watch as well.

At the end of February, Legis. Sarah Anker and Councilwoman Jane Bonner met with Mt. Sinai residents and Suffolk County Police Officers to establish the Mt. Sinai Neighborhood Watch.

According to Councilwoman Bonner, residents in other areas are no expressing interest in forming one as well.

"I was at the Sound Beach Civic Meeting and three women were interested in forming one," she said. "I have received a number of emails about one from Rocky Point residents as well."

In Port Jefferson Station, neighborhood watch programs have come and gone over the years. Laurie Green with the Port Jefferson Station/Terryville Civic Association said that a watch was started in the area before her time in the organization but that dwindled out until two years ago when several break-ins near Nadine Lane and Yale Street spurred a renewed interest.

The Neighborhood Watch programs aim to deter crime in communities
throughout Suffolk County. Once a resident “adopts a block,” all they are required to do is observe and report suspicious circumstances. Participants in the program are asked to fill out a log sheet with as much detail as they can to assist the police department in their investigation. Reports can be confidential and residents should not become involved in any incidents.

“It’s vital for government, school districts and parents to work together to protect our kids from negative outside influences, especially with drug addiction on the rise," said Legis. Anker. "We must be proactive and take measures to combat situations that can endanger our children by being constantly vigilant of our surroundings.”

Residents interested in establishing a Neighborhood Watch program in either the Sixth or Sevent Precinct can call their local C.O.P.E. Units (Sixth at 854-8670, Seventh at 852-8775.)

Alicia Palifka March 16, 2012 at 11:04 PM
Thank you Councilwoman Jane Bonner for all that you do for our community! You are indeed an asset to our community for all the wonderful things you have done.


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