Advocacy Group Lauds Brookhaven Town Beach Smoking Ban

Town adopts new language to include beaches with parks.

The Tobacco Action Coalition of Long Island is applauding the recent decision by the Brookhaven Town Board to amend its local laws that prohibit smoking in town parks to include beaches in the ban.

“This amendment not only protects the health of community members but also protects the environment and sets a healthy example for children,” PJ Tedeschi, Suffolk's coordinator of the coalition, said in a release.

Brookhaven joins more than 300 other municipalities in New York State that have barred smoking in outdoor public gathering spaces, according to the coalition.

Deputy Town Supervisior and Councilwoman Kathleen Walsh also supported the measure. The tobacco-free beaches owned and operated by the town include:

  • Davis Park, Patchogue
  • Sandspit Beach, Patchogue
  • Corey Beach, Blue Point
  • West Meadow Beach, Stony Brook
  • Stony Brook Beach, Stony Brook
Dan Elton September 23, 2012 at 10:48 PM
It may be there is no evidence that there are harmful effects from outdoor second hand smoke, and I appreciate your skepticism, but you seem to have missed the entire point of the article. The idea is to discourage smoking because it is a detrimental habit. The beach is a public park, operated by the local government, thus it is in their jurisdiction to make such a decision. I wholeheartedly support it. Nowhere in the US are there more smokers than Long Island, and nowhere are more people suffering because of it.
Michael J. McFadden September 24, 2012 at 02:57 AM
Dan, if they do it honestly, I have a lot less of a problem with it. But when they say they are doing it "for the health of community members" they are invoking the secondhand smoke nonsense: and that's a lie. It certainly IS in their jurisdiction to make such a rule, just as they could rule that all beach goers had to wear full body bathing suits for modesty. They have that right. But don't base the rule on lies. - MJM
Mema September 27, 2012 at 11:59 PM
I most definitely agree. Also I did not misunderstand the article. If it is for everyones health then, let them close down the Tobacco Industry, period end of story. But please do not tell me about pollution compared to airports that in itself is a joke. Also I am not responsible for all the children of the world to set an example. That is for their parents to do. So in conclusion, the government should set a big example and stop taking money from corporations and close them down o all of our health. How about that. It seems to me when they can not come up with an honest solution they implement a law. Again close down the harmful company for all our health. Any takers out there?
Michael J. McFadden September 28, 2012 at 01:40 AM
Mema, you understand perfectly! And they won't close down the companies because they make too much money from them. North (South?) Dakota proposed a law banning all smoking and eliminating the taxes that paid the antismoking groups and those groups all came and testified AGAINST a total ban. - MJM
Mema September 28, 2012 at 02:25 PM
I'm sorry Michael, Some of the reply was also to I think Dan, who said I didn't understand, i'm missing the point, I need to set an example for other's children and I didn't want to type twice. lol Sorry. But as I grew up I can see when government has no solution or maybe better put no profitable solution they make a law for our own good. Lucky Us that costs us money. Lucky Us Again. Everyone needs to be responsible for their own children and set their own guide lines and traditions. And I don't believe government should own all the beaches, I thought we payed taxes to clean them up and that the beaches belonged to the citizens. So I guess they want more more money and still do less work. TAXES and FINES. This whole government has me sick to my stomach from the bottom all the way to the white house. Everyone want to clean house, dismantle this corrupt government from the bottom up. Follow our constitution. Get rid of the Federal Reserve and the Central Banker. And put them all in jail. Sorry for the rant. Mema


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