Residents Want Involvement in Development of Rocky Point Drive-In

Formal announcement of litigation won by the Town of Brookhaven followed by community members call for more involvement in decision-making process.

After the Town of Brookhaven formally announced its litigation victory to retain recreational zoning at the Rocky Point Drive-In site at a press conference Tuesday, the question that lingered was; now what?

With the victory by the Town, the site can . This decision also came on the heels of the site being removed as a . Now with recreational zoning intact, residents looked ahead at what comes next in the development of the 18 acres located along 25a and stressed the importance of community involvement in the decision making.

"Supervisor [Mark] Lesko said at the podium there will be 'long and vibrant discussion of future proposals for the use of this property', which I hope means the community will be involved in any proposals that will be forthcoming," said James Weber, of Rocky Point "I’d like to see this 18 acres benefit the community, as the community as a whole would see fit."

Richard Brons, another Rocky Point resident, called for a community vote regarding any possible plans with the site.

"Anything that involves Rocky Point should be voted on by the people, it shouldn’t be just voted on by the town," Brons said. "We as individuals need to exert our constitutionally given rights. We need to be made aware, question and ask ‘what is the whole picture, what are the ramifications?’

Supervisor Lesko and Councilwoman Jane Bonner spoke at Tuesday's press conference and said that they want to make sure the property is developed into something that residents want. The two also took some time to answer residents' questions after the press conference.

"Anything that happens at this site, and believe me we hope something happens that's productive for the community, will reflect the community sentiments," Lesko said.

Brons pointed to the fact that Rocky Point is very blue collar, and since people are so busy, decisions like this should be clearly laid out in front of them.

"Where’s the time?," Brons asked. "People need to know ‘this is your choice, this is what’s happening.’ There needs to be a public awareness. Once people realize they do have power in their community maybe we’ll get more interest."

Matthew Lott June 12, 2012 at 08:00 PM
"Today, the TOB Planning Department will release the plan to Councilwoman Bonner." Wait, there Peter. What does this mean, Please ? Wasn't the corridor study already completed around March 2011, and subsequently, officially accepted by the Town, at a Town Board meeting ? To, perhaps, an effort of Bonner to intentionally confound Tax Payers, " Ms. Bonner, who represents the Mount Sinai area, asked the Town Board to vote against Mr. Lesko’s resolution until her Route 25A Corridor Study is finalized in December to “give the project the proper review as it relates to the corridor,” she said." http://northshoresun.timesreview.com/2011/08/16849/medical-office-park-coming-to-miller-place-this-spring/ Her comments were made in relation to a, then, proposed medical park that was to be located behind the CVS in Miller Place. Peter, what Theee Heck, is going on ? Jane Bonner's "Three Card Monte Game", regarding Her elongated, Corridor Study, is getting kind of silly !
Peter Oleschuk June 13, 2012 at 12:12 AM
FromPlanning: Route 25A Corridor Land Use Plan PROPOSED SEQR TIMELINE ACTIONS: Adopt Land Use Plan & Generic Environmental Impact Statement March 28, 2012: Begin 30-day Coordination to Interested Agencies (TB intends to prepare & adopt a Rt 25a LUP) May 8: Town Board Resolution: Assume Lead Agency Status/Adopt Positive Declaration Jan /June 2012: Prepare DGEIS for LUP/Phase 1 Rezonings/Local Laws June 5: Novus for Acceptance Resolution June 12: Citizens Advisory Committee Distribution June 19: TB Work Session Presentation June 26, 2012: Accept LUP & DGEIS as complete; Initiate 30-day Comment Period/Post Draft LUP on Town Website. Set joint Public Hearing for DGEIS & Draft LUP Set Public Hearings on Local Laws GML 239-m Referral to SCPC & GML 239n to Riverhead/ JPPCCPB July 11, 2012: Presentation of Draft LUP to S.C. Planning Commission July 17, 2012: Public Hearing on Draft LUP & DGEIS. Public Hearings on Overlay Districts Public Hearings on Local Laws July 27, 2012: Public comment ends. Close Hearings. Begin FEIS & Findings Statement Sept 11, 2012: Accept FGEIS (Within 45-days of the close of Public Hearings) Wait min 10-days before adopting findings. Sept 25, 2012: Adopt Findings for Land Use Plan/TBOM Rezonings/Local Laws Adopt LUP/TBOM OD Rezonings/Local Laws Last Revised 06/12/2012 8:06 PM
Matthew Lott June 13, 2012 at 06:13 AM
Thanks Peter, please "translate" for us ? I don't speak "Town of Brookhaven-ese". If the above link, that I posted, is any indication, she and other appropriate Town officials really "milk" The Process, don't they ? I mean, there are a Lot of "taste$" in there, that translates into a lot of "campaign contributions", and whatever else they can scam, in terms of compensatory renumerations. Who said it was a Personal ATM Card, to be a Town employee...and the higher you go up the food chain, it just gets more lucrative ! That Town "general employee" check is downright puny, compared to what can be scammed by "elected/appointed" Town officials ! No wonder the US Attorney's Office opened an Islip mini-branch, just for Brookhaven ! And that Lesko went over to the Dark $ide !
Peter Oleschuk June 13, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Matthew, your link, the history of 25A Corridor Study, Rocky Point Target fiasco all tie together like oil, gas, antifreeze and sawdust in an auto repair shop. Toxic to say the least, impossible to clean up and will land you on you ass no matter how carefully you walk. Sadly, "they walk around" and the rest of us are directed right into it. Yup, it's all confusing. Much of this was put in motion years ago by individual posers on committees that either hid under a rock or moved out of town. they continue to blog and support the Bonner-fried Facts that we're supposed to believe. On June 14, 2011, I filed a grievance at the Town board meeting on the 25A Corridor Study "comedy of events" and question compliance with Open Government law that went into effect April 10, 2011. Last night, I repeated the filing of that same grievance and also reminded that this has gone on for a year and repeating the same offense to public right to be informed. Less than 12 people from the entire Town of Brookhaven had anything to say at all, good or bad. They're all too busy blogging under their acronym names. Until there's an outpouring of residents at all meetings, town baord, planning and zoning, nothing will change. I have some confidence that there are a few good people in the various positions.Unsupported by the public, they cannot be successful. Others can be influenced by outpouring from their community. CD2 has had meek public participation. Few step away from the keyboard.
Matthew Lott June 13, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Peter, in the Real World, people are working and taking care of themselves, and their families and loved ones, and trying to survive The War upon their very existence, every day, in this Country of ours today. In this Town they are summarily, and intentionally "gerrymandered" out of, and excluded from the Political Process. Of this you would appear to very well know. The internet and when they vote is the only thing they are given to express themselves with. It is in this Real World that Predators thrive...you know like the ones who inhabit Independence Hill, there, at Town Hall ? So in a town where school districts vote until they get what they want, give Them, the working and Surviving people of this town and country, a "break" and the benefit of your Doubts about them ! They ain't as without knowledge as you think they are.


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