Local Officials Think Bus Service Needs to Be Expanded in Sound Beach

What do you think?

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Brookhaven Supervisor Ed Romaine and Councilwoman Jane Bonner have written a letter urging Suffolk County officials to expand bus service in the Sound Beach community to make mass transit a viable means for residents there to use for commuting to and from their jobs during peak commuting hours. 

In a statement, the two said  bus service on routes S62 and 5A in the community "does not presently provide for the needs of residents here that require reliable transportation during peak morning and evening commuting hours to bring them to their jobs,” the letter reads, in part. 

The letter reads in part:

Compounding this situation is the lack of timely transfers with other routes, making a trip that could be accomplished within minutes by car into an hours-long journey.  These two routes are also located far from a majority of homes in the Sound Beach area, requiring a taxi or car ride just to get to their ‘local’ bus stop. 

Bea Ruberto October 17, 2013 at 05:46 PM
Thank you, Supervisor Romaine and Councilwoman Bonner, for making your voices heard on this matter. This community has been asking for better bus service in the area for years to no avail. The current service dates back to when Sound Beach was a summer community. This is no longer the case. We are primarily a working class community and we need better service, particularly in the early morning and in the evening. Someone living here who wants to use the service to go to work can't. One resident who takes the bus to the train station to get to work often has to walk from Heritage Park to get back home. Earlier this year, in answer to our many requests for better service, Suffolk County offered to elliminate mid-day runs in order to increase the service during peak hours. The Civic did not support this option. We saw this as reducing service--not to mention that once elimianted we would never get the run back. We need people to support this community in this!
Kristina Mirell October 17, 2013 at 09:44 PM
What about Rocky Point? The 5A USED to go through Rocky Point as well (I still remember the exact run too) until the bus company said there weren't enough riders so it was stopped about 10 years ago. If it took the same route it did then I would be 5 minutes from the bus instead of 25 minutes. As for connections, the only way to make connections better is to add more buses that come every 1/2 hour at least. (I wouldn't even mind that, it's better than every hour). Only a few main routes in Suffolk run every half hour during peak times. I know the 61 is one of them. That was very convenient when I liven in Medford. Now, just keep in mind, the legislators can "urge" the bus company all they want. It was the bus company that stopped the service so it's the bus company that will choose to start it up again. Also keep in mind that Suffolk Bus bought out CBS Lines, they spent 95 million on 25 new buses and put bike racks (that only hold 2 bikes) on all the buses, so they now have more bills to pay so putting out money to expand service probably won't happen. In my opinion they want to see the NEED for it first before they go ahead and do it. And according to them there isn't a need. Hopefully things have changed with the way the economy is going so maybe that will help their decision. Maybe a petition is needed as well? I'm all for a petition!
Bea Ruberto October 18, 2013 at 06:27 AM
Kristina, you're aboslutely right that it isn't just Sound Beach that needs better service. There's a large area east of Port Jefferson that's very underserved. The only reason that this article and the letter from the Town is about Sound Beach is because the Sound Beach Civic Association has been working for several years to get something done about this and, of course, our concern has been the Sound Beach area. And it is Suffolk County that can do something about it. As far as the need for expanded service, we have been asked several times by Legislator Anker about the need, and I'll tell you now what I said to her several times. It's not possible to say how many people would use a system that simply doesn't exist--all I could give was anecdotal evidence--such as the man I mentioned above. My view is, build it, adverise it well, and they will come!
Bea Ruberto October 18, 2013 at 06:39 AM
It's also true that it's about the money, but in these economic times it's necessary. The County is working on creating a north-to-south rapid transit system connecting the major hubs in Suffolk County--Connect Long Island. They have the money to do this. This may be a great idea for western Suffolk but does nothign for us. What we're asking for wouldn't take anywhere the amount of money needed for this project!
Edbo October 18, 2013 at 07:26 AM
Gee...just in time for election day!
Engineer October 18, 2013 at 08:49 AM
There goes the neighborhood. We need fewer busses. I do not want the type of people who ride busses to live in my neighborhood. If you ride the bus, you cannot afford a car. Allowing economically disadvantaged people in the area will bring down property values, lower the tax base, and lower our quality of living. There’s a reason I choose to live MP/SB.
Ernestine Franco October 18, 2013 at 10:54 AM
Engineer: Your comment is the most prejudice and ignorant comment I have ever read on the Patch. Yes, some people who ride the bus cannot afford a car. Does that make them bad people? A student who can't afford a car may ride the bus to Stony Brrok. Is that student a bad person? A senior citizen may have realized that he or she should no longer be driving and ride the bus. Are they bad people? A yound family who can only afford one car needs bus service. Are they bad people? Obviously, none of these are people you know or want to now. What makes a neighoring go downhill is people who think they are better than everyone else becasue they are economically well off. I do hope you are not a parent. If this is what you are teaching your children, they are in trouble. I have just one question for you: If you are proud of your comment and how who view people who are not as well off as you are, WHY DON'T YOU USE YOUR REAL NAME????
Frank Esposito October 18, 2013 at 12:34 PM
Don't worry engineer it's just election time pandering by romaine and bonner. They are smart enough to know it is not feasible. Logistically its a death blow even to a government subbed company. They are just looking for votes from the voting block that shows up on que like zombies and vote with half a brain. After election is over it will be back to same stays as it was previously. Once again voters will allow themselves to be dupe by people who's main concern is staying in office to hold their government salary. Get over to "see though ny" website and look up their salaries. Look up Dan the highway man too. I noticed the election cycle got him to clean dangerous sand along shoulders on lower rocky point rd on up to 25a and rt 21. Look deep people, stop getting the same old wool pulled over your eyes and stop putting the same old gaggle of friends back in office. Just like the flow of water it gets bad if it doesn't keep moving along.
Ace Frehley October 18, 2013 at 10:03 PM
There's enough white trash in Sound Beach we don't need to add to it.. We have filled our quota.. No thanks Bonner..your just another glad-handing wanne be politicitan.
crb358 October 19, 2013 at 07:55 AM
I Investigated taking the bus to work in melville, but you can't, too bad. I have a car and a good job but not having to drive daily for an hour each would have been nice and the "green" thing to do


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