Maddow Spotlights Gun Rights Supporters' Attack on Losquadro

MSNBC host highlights a push by anti-gun control voters against Republican Assemblyman Dan Losquadro in his bid for highway superintendent in Brookhaven.

While the issue of plowing in Brookhaven has taken center stage in the race between Kathy Walsh and Dan Losquadro for Brookhaven highway superintendent, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Monday took aim at another issue shaping the election: gun control.

Pro-gun activists have rallied against Losquadro, a Republican New York state assemblyman, for voting in favor of New York's recent gun control law. Earlier, they posted a video on YouTube showing someone shooting holes in a campaign sign. That video, which prompted Maddow to feature the issue on her blog, has since been made private.

However, another video on YouTube shows activist Tom McCarthy explaining why his group has targeted the Shoreham Republican.

"We're going to stop him. It's going to send a message to every senator up there. We're not afraid of them, and we're coming back at them," he said, in reference to the state senate passing NY's gun law. That law, which limited the sale of assault weapons and limited the amount of ammunition gun clips could hold, is considered one of the strictest gun laws in the United States.

Activists have also started a Facebook page, "Dan Losquadro is dishonest," which had 180 likes as of Monday.

"Most of you have told us, that you have never voted a Democrat in your life. Neither have we!" the page's administrator posted on Monday. "This page and election is not about getting his opponent elected. It is about sending a message to Dan and all the other Republicans to stop bending the principles that won them the election in the first place! This is our first battle and regardless of the outcome we have made friends with many groups and organizations all over New York."

Despite the attention activists are getting, Suffolk County Republican Party leader John Jay LaValle said he doesn't believe the gun issue will affect the outcome, especially with the tragedy at Newtown still fresh in voters' minds.

"The reality is, he is a hard worker and people like him. And coming off that shooting in Connecticut, I don't think that vote will hurt him."

Will you vote against Dan Losquadro because of his gun control vote? Let us know in the comments?

Thomas Lynch March 04, 2013 at 11:21 PM
His vote is noted and not appreciated. A statement to the facts and what he might have been "thinking" is in order. But i am still leaning to his side with my vote. I think a lot of counties and people are going to take Cuomo's "get me some free national press" campagn stunt off the books in the coming months. Having been at a number of Town meetings where Ms. Walsh voted like a Democrat, was running and behaved like a want to be Republican, and now has flip-flopped to Independent and loves guns, but supports beach taxes and other fees all the time, etc.........I can only say I am confused and not sure how or why she has the experience or the business and management acumen to run that large dept? I think Losquardo does.


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