Readers: Thanks a Million to the Plow People

Facebook commenters gave their thank-yous to hardworking highway department workers for clearing area roads.

Some locals might be frustrated by the plowing in parts of town, but workers have been pulling long shifts to get roads cleared, and many have wanted to extend "thank yous" to those workers.

Here's some feedback we got from Miller Place-Rocky Point Patch Facebook fans on those whose job never seems to be over during and after big snows. Feel free to comment in the boxes below, add pictures to this post and share your snow stories.

"To all the men and women who have been plowing for us, some for over 100 hours straight (!!!), what would we ever do without you?!!! thank you for your efforts and your sacrifices, you are so appreciated! please take care of yourselves out there!" - Jessica O'Sullivan

"Thank You to all of the town, county and state workers and to the emergency service persons, volunteer fire departments, utility workers and others who once again headed out while we were all headed home. it wasnt perfect but few of us perform perfectly at our jobs every day!" - Patti Kozlowski

"Thank you for putting in long hours, helping stranded drivers, and putting yourself in harms way to make the roads safe for everyone. This was a storm for the record books, and your efforts are greatly appreciated." - Jennifer Carlson

"Thank you to everyone. I appreciate the long hours that have been invested into this storm from volunteers to paid employees. Thank you again." - Pam Kratina Schwamb

"I give a big thanks to those People that spent many long hours clearing our roads." - John McKeon

"Thank you...when you finally got to where you needed to be you did an awesome job!!" - Linda Konnick Scalcione

"Thanks to all those who worked so hard to clear our roads. A big Thank You to your families who endured the storm without you....especially the wives left to shovel the snow and deal with the kids." - Janine Fischer

Share your appreciation in the comments section below.


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