Suffolk Notebook: GOP Proposes Jobs Plan, Dems Bash Budget

County exec candidate Steve Bellone hosts Gov. Andrew Cuomo, adds to war chest.

Suffolk County Republicans that they said would provide a "road map" for future growth within the county, offering a six-point plan called "LIJOBS."

The group present at an empty storefront in East Patchogue, the site of the press conference, included current Republican legislators, candidates for legislature, and County Treasurer and county exec candidate Angie Carpenter.

Carpenter contrasted the plan with Democrat Steve Bellone's, saying that, "it's not about innovation zones. It's not about a task force. It's not about a committee to decide which business goes in the zones. It's about cutting bureaucracy and red tape and making government work for the people."

In early August, Bellone " suggesting the idea of "innovation zones" on land that is currently publicly owned.

Republican legislators said they are holding a press conference on Tuesday to detail their stances on the budget proposal put forth by sitting County Executive Steve Levy.

Bellone Camp Hosts Governor, Adds to War Chest

County Democrats at their fall gala at the Huntingon Hilton in Melville.

The Bellone camp said the event netted $500,000 for the Democratic candidate for county executive, who already held a sizable lead in campaign funding as of the last reporting cycle in mid-July.

Close to two and a half months ago Bellone held a six-to-one advantage over Carpenter in his war chest. The Bablylon supervisor held close to $2 million, compared to the county treasurer's $314,000, though Carpenter didn't jump into the race until late March.

Both candidates are due to file a campaign finance election report on Oct. 6.

Democratic Legislators: Levy Budget is a "Bad Joke"

Following a preliminary review of Levy's 2012 preliminary budget by the Budget Review Office of the Legislature, Presiding Office William Lindsay, D-Holbrook, called the county executive's budget a "bad joke" on taxpayers.

, the group pointed out perceived shortfalls in revenue in the coming year and over-projections of revenue in other parts of the budget. In total, the BRO estimated the $2.7 billion budget to be $120 million out of balance.

“If his budget were adopted, we wouldn’t be able to plow the snow off our roads, we would have to close or severely cut health clinics, we would be unable to inspect restaurants, school cafeterias and camps to insure food safety for our children, and police numbers would fall to historic lows," Lindsay said.

Mark Wilson October 01, 2011 at 08:27 PM
KEEP ON TURNING THEM OVER & OUT ! While in Brookhaven, the CORRUPTION is so entrenched the elected representatives are being held hostage by JOHN POWELL, a convicted felon. Elected officials are mere PUPPETS, and Tax Payers are being LOOTED election to election by ALL of these socalled "public offiicials" who have turned over Town Government to Powell and his Cronies who decides WHO WORKS for the Town and who doesn't, while Town Board members LOOT the Town through FAKE land deals, and kickbacks to each other ! VOTE OUT ANY INCUMBENT ! It's NOT that it will have any discernable affect, because the one you are voting in isn't any better, BUT YOU HAVE TO SEND A MESSAGE !
jane October 01, 2011 at 08:36 PM
James M. October 11, 2011 at 02:31 PM
I have to agree with Mark. You can't single out Democrats or Republicans and say they are clean, wise or benevolent. They all appear to be corrupt.
James M. October 11, 2011 at 02:31 PM
Troll much?


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