Amputee Basketball Team Spreads Strong Message in Rocky Point

Team speaks with students, plays scrimmage with teachers while raising funds for Sandy victims.

The AMP 1 amputee basketball team recently played at Rocky Point High School, spreading their message to never give up when life presents its challenges.

The team, comprised of amputee players from across the country, spoke with high school and middle school students during an in-school assembly to share their messages of courage and strength and how they see their disabilities as positive life challenges rather than ones that negatively define them. 

“I have to think that this is why I became an amputee in the first place – to compete in this type of setting and inspire others to stand up for themselves, what they believe in and what they can do,” said AMP 1 co-founder Scott Odom.

The AMP 1 players also took on teachers and administrators in a head-to-head basketball challenge which helped lend a hand to Hurricane Sandy victims and raise funds for the high school’s character education programs. Nearly $5,000 was collected through donations and a raffle auction coordinated by the high school’s shared decision team for the event’s two causes. Those in attendance also contributed a large number of nonperishable canned goods and household cleaning supplies.


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