Heroes Thanked: 'You Saved My Life'

When basketball official collapsed, quick-thinking resident's acted to save his life.

When a seventh grade basketball official collapsed during a game at the in March, the actions of a few heroic residents helped save his life.

NCR principal Matthew Clark recounted the story as best he could at Wednesday night's board meeting. He said that Mr. John Whimple and Mr. Steven Sarich immediately ran out to assist Mr. Stephen Nasso, performing CPR while ambulances were called.

"My words are not going to reach the impact, but as they were helping out, Mr. Ryan Candurra, the seventh grade girls basketball coach came to assist as well," Clark said. "I ran outside to find our AED machine and as the gentlemen were working feverishly, the parents of the community knew enough to step out and exit the gymnasium and both coaches took the team’s and exited the gymnasium. Due to their actions, Mr. Nasso is with us here tonight."

Nasso had the opportunity to thank the three men who helped save his life as they shared in an embrace.

"I just want the opportunity to thank everybody," he said. "I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life. Im so happy that I was surrounded by such wonderful people that day and not a day will go by the rest of my life that I won’t think of that day, and I’m just so happy that I’m still alive…you saved my life."

"It was a very powerful episode and a very happy ending," Clark said. " We wish you well Mr. Nasso."


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