Local Superintendents Respond to Sandy Hook Tragedy

Supers talk security, counseling with regards to each district.

The unspeakable tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. this past week has tugged at the heartstrings of everyone, with many asking what is being done to prevent this from happening again somewhere else.

Superintendents from Miller Place, Rocky Point and Mt. Sinai have all released statements regarding the incident which discuss security and other topics of concern, and also join the nation in mourning those lost.

Regarding security, Miller Place Superintendent Marianne Higuera said in a letter, "Each of our schools follows strict protocols regarding security and access by nonemployees. Within the past year, we have strengthened those protocols with the construction of vestibules, entrance buzzer systems, and security cameras."

The super also said that exterior building doors are locked once school begins each day, and that they are also completing the installation of an electronic door lock system.

Mt. Sinai Superintendent Enrico Crocetti assured district members that measures are being taken to increase security at all schools.

"Last Monday I met with our Suffolk County Police Resource Officer to discuss
our recently submitted emergency plans to further our student’s safety in our schools," he said in a letter. "We have already contacted additional experts in security and will be meeting with them as well. This Administration sees our children’s safety as a priority."

Higuera and Rocky Point Superintendent Michael Ring also mentioned that a moment of silence was planned to be observed at the start of the school day monday, and counselors are also available to students.

"As we seek to cope with this tragedy," Ring said, "our hearts and prayers are with all of those who are experiencing unspeakable grief and suffering."


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