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PHOTOS: Department of Health Rep Talks Smoking Dangers in Miller Place

Sixth graders are taught the dangers of smoking from Department of Health representative.

North Country Road Middle School sixth graders recently learned about the dangers of tobacco and smoking from Linda Bowman, a representative from the Department of Health. Bowman’s data coupled with some shocking exhibits that were displayed during the presentation opened the student’s eyes to the harmful effects of smoking.

Angela March 06, 2013 at 01:07 PM
While I'm all for teaching our kids about the dangers of smoking, drugs, and alcohol, I was not happy when my son came home TERRIFIED because I am a SMOKER. Now he's afraid I'm going to die any day now!!! They really should concentrate on ACADEMICS ....because that is where they are seriously lacking, according to NYS DOE. NCRS- YOU do your job and teach my child reading, writing, and arithmetic....and I will tell him about the dangers of smoking, as I always do, without the harsh graphics!!


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