Rocky Point Parents Required to Watch New Substance Abuse PSA

Parents must now watch a five-minute PSA before gaining access to their child's report card.

Before parents of students in the Rocky Point School District can access their child’s final report card, they are now required to watch a five-minute public service announcement about the dangers of substance abuse.

“Not My Child: Suffolk’s Drug Epidemic,” came about as a result of the rising rates of substance-related deaths on the island. In Suffolk County alone, there were approximately 82 documented heroin overdose deaths last year, compared to 38 in 2010.

“The launch of this groundbreaking campaign to raise awareness is a critical step toward reducing the alarming rates of prescription drug and opiate abuse we have experienced in Suffolk County and across our nation,” said County Executive Steve Bellone.

The PSA has received thousands of unique views since it was first made public. Featured in the video are Suffolk County residents Tracey Budd and Brian Phillips who both lost children to substance abuse.

“My hope is for parents to be aware, to not turn a blind eye,” said Budd. “Don’t be afraid to do your job as a parent – it may save their life.”

“As a community, we must work together to fight the growing drug epidemic,” said Legislator Sarah Anker. “Through the County’s partnership with the Rocky Point School District, this public service announcement can alert parents of the warning signs of drug use and also offer them support and direction.

“I applaud the brave parents for sharing their stories in the video, in the hope that they will save another child’s life.”

What do you think of the new campaign to fight substance abuse? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

brookhavenconfucius July 03, 2014 at 12:55 AM
brookhavenconfucius July 03, 2014 at 01:36 AM
Frank, these SUPPLICATE YOURSELF TO THE AUTHORITY OF THE STATE types, will dance to ANYTHING, as long as it reaffirms their Faith, that FAILURE IS SUCCESS, and that ABOVE ALL, they must have SOMETHING TO SUPPLICATE THEMSELVES TO. Without these ORGANIZATIONS OF CONTINUED FAILURE, they have NOTHING, to reaffirm their fealty to..and they are LOST WITHOUT A PROBLEM TO SOLVE ! THEIR EXISTENCE is dependent upon PROBLEMS AND EXPENDING EMOTION ON FAILURE !
Marie July 03, 2014 at 12:54 PM
I really understand what you are stating Laurel Sutton, however, witholding a student or child's report card until they see this video is not the answer to change in our community. I have many friends who have lost their children, husbands, wives, and friends to drug overdoses. When it's very close to home, it's very difficult to watch, live with and deal with on a daily basis especially if you have ever lived with a drug addict and have tried your best to "help" them. You can't. They have to want to "help themselves" You can't change them, fix them, force them into rehab. You can cry your eyes out every single day. It doesn't work until they are willing and want to work a program.


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