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First, I am a mom of two beautiful children Zach and Grace.  I am married to a Merchant Mariner who has a very demanding schedule that takes him away from home most of the time.  I love living in Rocky Point since we've  moved here in 2005.  I am very active with Boy Scouts taking on a new Committee Chair position and I work for the State of New York. 
I am currently on Workers Comp. from an injury at work that has  gone bad and don't see myself working at the same position anytime soon.  I may need to change my career path due to my injury and find it to be a bit overwhelming at times.  I take it one day at a time.  I am currently helping my Daughter with her beauty pageant and modeling goals  and I thought it would be fun to blog her pageant and modeling schedule as she pursues her dreams.  Now that my life has changed direction I can make it a fun experience for those involved and I know it will all be for the best!
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