One Person Turns To GoFundMe To Help A Friend In Need

Tracey Anne is only a couple hundred dollars away from helping a sick friend pay some of his medical bills.

Tracey Anne, from Stony Brook, has been trying to raise money for one of her friends Joe. Anne said that he caught a bad infection that led to surgical problems, a leg amputation, and an extreme amount of medical bills. Anne said she is hoping to raise at least $1000 but would take any donation. All donations will go directly to Joe and his family. 

The GoFundMe page reads:

My friend Joe has fallen on some very hard times. He has been hospitalized for months, unable to work and due to an infection after a surgical procedure has lost his leg to amputation. This creates an enormous burden for Joe at the moment. He has bills piling up, is very much alone in his journey but for a few friends, and will need some help getting back on his feet literally and figuratively. Joe's insurance has been maxed out and he faces a lot of uphill battles in this struggle to get back to a normal life and regain his health. To make matters worse.. when he returned home from a 4 month hospitalization, his tenants had robbed his house, taking most of his belongings, down to the sheets on his bed.Not one to usually ask for charity, but any amount can help him with his surmounting issues.Relying on the kindness of strangers and friends and anyone who would like to contribute, as mutual aid is the way of the future, when you consider the state and all of it's traps, pitfalls and basically how this country takes care of it's sick or aging.Thank you . Peace and Love. ps.. this site required a goal amount but in all honesty, any amount is appreciated at all.


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