Top 10 Stories From November 2013

Miller Place-Rocky Point residents were really concerned about finding a missing dog, Marcy and spending New Years somewhere fun.

Here is a list of some of the most talked about stories from November.
  1. Sightings Of Missing Dog, Marcy Gives Owners Hope
  2. Where To Spend New Year's Eve 2013
  3. Superintendent Sends Letter to NYS Regarding Education Initiatives
  4. Motor Vehicle Accident On 25A In Miller Place Requires Rescue Hydraulics
  5. Patch Blog Helps Recover Missing Sound Beach Headstone
  6. Best Budget-Friendly Day Trips Near Suffolk County
  7. Where to Get or Help Serve A Hot Meal This Christmas
  8. Branchinelli's Replacing La Casa in Miller Place
  9. Skybox, Formerly Handlebar Restaurant, Closes Down [Empty in Mt. Sinai]
  10. How Many Gallons are in My Home Oil Tank?


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