Party Hardy of Milelr Place: Took my money and took the Happy out of my Daughters 9 year old Birthday

Party Hardy of Miller Place, the store that almost ruined my Daughters 9th Birthday.

This past Saturday (Dec. 15th) i was getting ready for my 9 year old twins birthday party, my Son and Daughter.  Both were very excited as we drove to nearby Party Hardy in Miller Place on 25a.  By the time we left i had spent just under $200.00 on balloons and other party type items except for one thing....  My daughter wanted this pair of Santa Clause glasses and i had to put my foot down somewhere and told her that we had spent enough and we would not be purchasing the glasses.  The rest of the day went on with an occasional request from my daughter to go back and get the glasses she wanted so badly, finally i caved in and we left the party at about 5:50 pm....  We made it top party hardy at just about 6pm, their closing time....  As i went to open the door i found it to be locked,  the cashiers had apparently closed just a couple minutes early.  I looked in through the windows and saw their were about 6 or 7 customers on line and thought to myself that just one more for a very quick purchase shouldn't be a big deal....  Apparently i was wrong.  My daughter standing in front of me wearing her birthday outfit and a Santa hat and eyes filling up with tears as she feared we may not be able to get the glasses she wanted.....  I tapped on the window slightly, just enough to be heard,  i saw one Young cashier motion towards the older woman, who seemed to be in charge and say something to her.  I was ignored.... remember this was really only about 5:59 pm, right at closing time with several customers still inside, the purchase i wanted to make in addition to the hundreds i already spent their today was right at the counter, literally a 15 second transaction.  My daughter and i waited and tried to get their attention by waving, still being ignored the older cashier began to walk out a couple of customers.  As she opened the door she said to my so rudely that she was letting people out and no one could enter, i took this opportunity to try and explain how important these glasses were to my daughter and how i was here just a few hours ago spending a considerable amount of money, again, as i'ma frequent customer (or was a frequent customer), her reply was "TOO BAD" as she barked at me, i tried to speak to her and reason with her compassion, especially after such a tragic weekend involving children was unfolding in our nation, at 6:01 pm she loudly told me that she would rather get home than take this last purchase from a loyal customer that had already been in the store that afternoon.  As we began to leave this incredibly nice woman approached us (who mentioned this would be her last visit ever to this store, that she had purchased a pair of glasses from there and would like for my daughter to have them, they weren't the ones she wanted, but even at 9 years old my daughter knew this woman was a nice and sweet human being and it actually made her smile.  I was so taken back by the horrible woman working at Party Hardy that i didn't think to ask the woman her name or offer her money for the glasses, she nicely wished my daughter a happy birthday and a happy holiday wish to us both and then we both left.  I'm thankful my daughter was able to witness this act of kindness, but also upset she witnessed the older woman's horrific attitude and selfishness.  I'm not asking anyone to do anything other than decide for themselves if this is the type of store they'd wish to spend their hard earned money at, in economic times like these i think i'll choose to spend my money in a place that cares at least a little about their customers....  Brian Dixon  Miller Place resident and Non-PAtron of Party Hardy.

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Party Hardy January 24, 2013 at 04:23 PM
Hi Brian, We just read your review and feel terrible that you had a bad experience. We take pride in providing our community with the best service possible. We will be speaking to the staff member's that were closing that evening. Please feel free to contact us via the Miller Place location (631) 474-7400 if you are interested in speaking with management. Again, our sincerest apologies.


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