Widespread Outages Bring a Crowd to Crazy Beans in Miller Place

Residents flocked to coffee shop Tuesday to recharge.

in the Miller Place-Rocky Point area Tuesday. Fortunately, the newly opened Crazy Beans remained up and running as community members flocked to recharge.

Owner Callie Brennan came to check on her store in the morning, and when she saw everything was fine she opened. People wasted no time filling her coffee shop and bar to the point where she had to send her cook to Stop and Shop for more supplies by the afternoon.

Candice Donin, of Mt. Sinai, has been without power since 4 p.m. Monday and stumbled across Crazy Beans while driving around.

"This is my first attempt out," she said. "I stole my daughter’s laptop and found this café. I drove by, saw people and said ‘ok, let’s go.’ Starbucks is closed today so Crazy Beans is doing well."

With many businesses closed due to outages, the place became a haven for many to keep warm, find some coffee and food and of course, get online. Alisa Hendrey lives in Sound Beach and ventured through a maze of fallen trees to refuel.

"Trees are down blocking three roads by me so I had to find a different way to get out," she said. "My neighbors across the street just missed having their roof taken out...the tree is resting on the edge of it. Nothing happened to my house I’m happy to say. The Handy Pantry by sound beach is also very busy today, but this place is great. I’m coming back to stay warm here tonight."

David Snook moved to Sound Beach from upstate just 22 days ago, and was happy to stumble on the new coffee shop.

"I'm very new to the Long Island area," he said. "I changed jobs, changed companies and my company is not opened today and I have no power. I drove by and I don’t like the sterile franchise places, I like places that have character, this is an interesting place and my fist time here…it’s a good find."

With power still out for thousands in Miller Place, Rocky Point, Sound Beach, Mt. Sinai and Shoreham, Crazy Beans may have become a second home to some for the time being.

Lindsay October 31, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Love this place!


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