High Winds Cause Damage, Outages [VIDEO]

Share your photos of downed tree and damage from Thursday morning's storm.

High winds and rain early Thursday morning knocked down trees and cause outages and other damage in certain parts of the Miller Place-Rocky Point area.

On Facebook, we asked readers to let us know where some of the damage was, and one of the biggest was a large tree down on Locust and Broadway in Rocky Point, closing portions of the road and reportedly causing outages.

Reader Bre Candela said, "Huge tree down (just emailed you pic) on the corner of Locust and Broadway in Rocky Point. Broadway is blocked off. Power was out from 5am until 11:30am. Good thing it wasn't too cold this morning!"

Melissa Voizard Salas wrote, "Yes, the same tree to report at the end of Jupiter Road in Rocky Point. Thankfully our power was restored this afternoon!!"

Debi Bishop added, "Driving to work I saw at least six trees down from sycamore to 25A dang."

See photos and video of the tree in Rocky Point and upload your own photos of other damage above.


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