Look Back: The 5 Most Popular Stories of 2012

These five stories were the most read stories of the year on Miller Place-Rocky Point Patch.

The year 2012 is winding down, and while we all survived the end of the world [again], the year was full of big news stories in Miller Place-Rocky Point. The following are the five most read stories of the year:

Rocky Point Man Dies in Miller Place Crash

On Sept. 26, a serious crash shut down parts of 25A with two reported injuries. As news came through, it was found that one man involved in the crash died at the scene, while an 83-year-old woman was also hurt and treated for non-life threatening injuries. Jeffrey Albano, 48, of Rocky Point, reportedly lost control of the vehicle, veered into the westbound lane and struck a Mercury driven by Dolores Cash, 83, of Sound Beach. Albano died at the scene.


One of the biggest events of the year hit the Miller Place-Rocky Point area head on, causing widespread damage to homes and businesses. The combined Patch coverage for Northern Brookhaven was round up in to one convenient post where readers visited over and over for updates and the latest stories.

Police Search for Man Who Shot Gun in Sound Beach

A late February night was disrupted by helicopters hovering over Sound Beach, Miller Place and Rocky Point searching for a man who had shot a gun in Sound Beach. Residents were put on alert and distressed by phone calls from Police that they were searching for a man whose face was painted white with black triangles above and below his eyes wearing a black beanie hat and a black sweatshirt.

The man had reportedly approached a group of people outside of a home on Waterville Drive around 10:30 p.m. and released a round in to the air before fleeing on foot. The man was not found that night and no arrests have been made relating to this incident.

Savino's Hideaway Reopens with Classic Family Favorites

On a lighter note, one positive story gained plenty of attention this year as Savino's Hideway finally reopened after being closed for a handful of years. Readers were excited to see what was once a favorite of the area had returned with the same owners, classical menu items and some new twists.

Rocky Point teen Ryan Baumgartner was killed in an early Saturday crash in April and the driver, Thomas Smith, 20, of Ridge, was arrested on charges of driving while ability impaired by drugs, Suffolk County police said. The teens were said to have been heading home from a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey when Smith fell asleep and slammed in to a tree off William Floyd Parkway, killing two passengers.


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