News Nearby: Commack Hess Illegaly Zoned, Hauppauge Night Club Opens

A look at the top headlines from the past week in nearby towns.

Port Jefferson

At the public board meeting on Monday, Port Jefferson trustees discussed impending changes to the village’s noise code. Residents at the meeting came in on both sides of the issue, some complaining that the new code would goes to far to limit noise in the village, while others fully supported the changes.

An attorney for Northville Corporation asked the board to consider delaying its vote on the new noise code being considered for approval. Northville has a facility that transfers gasoline and heating oil shipped in from barges in Port Jefferson Harbor and its pumps generate noise that the company fears might cause a problem under the new code.

Currently code allows noise up to 75 decibels between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. sustained for more than five minutes. All other times the acceptable noise level is 95 decibels.

The new code looks to lower the noise level to 50 decibels on Friday and Saturday nights from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and weekdays between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. At all other times the code would allow noise levels up to 65 decibels.


A Commack business and four residents have filed a joint lawsuit against the Smithtown Town Board for its decision to allow Hess to build a new gas station in Commack.

The plaintiffs want that allows Hess Corporation to build a 12-pump Hess Express with a 1,231-square-foot convenience store, to be annulled.


Hauppauge's late night clubspot will see the grand opening this weekend, after nearly 7 month sof renovations under new management.

Wall Street has announced it will hold its grand opening celebrations from Sept. 13 - Sept. 15. The late-night entertainment venue has been been extensively remodeled to look like upscale nightclub aimed at attracting an older crowd.


Horizons Counseling and Education Center, the Town of Smithtown’s home for drug and alcohol problem prevention and education, has moved to 161 East Main Street, the former home to .

The move gives its staff the ability to perform all services under one roof, something it has not been able to do.

"We were doing a lot of our programming in other locations wherever we could find a spot because we didn't have any space to provide services, we were limited," said Elaine Economopoulos, director of drug and alcohol services. "We're not growing, we just now can maximize our potential."

Three Village

East Setauket Doctor Missing Last Week Released from Hospital

Just under a week since in Smithtown, Dr. Jerome Nadler was released from Stony Brook University Hospital on Wednesday with a positive prognosis as he heads to St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson for rehabilitation.

Nadler, a retired physician from East Setauket, after he went on a fly fishing outing by himself. "What started out as a simple fishing trip ... ended up being almost a tragedy," said Nadler, who said Wednesday that he doesn't plan to go fishing by himself again. The doctor who treated him, Dr. Frederick Schiavone, said a case of extreme dehydration caused Nadler's muscles to begin to break down – a condition known as rhabdomyolysis – which in turn caused some kidney damage and other health problems.


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